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When beginning the course on 8/29, my follower count was 297 and now on 11/28 is 328, which is a growth increase of 10.43%.


The 31 followers that I gained are majority current Newhouse students, both in the class and outside, faculty, or organizations. Using a previously activated account allowed me to start off with 297 followers, which I believe helped because it enabled my content to be shared to more users through my current followers’ engagement with my Tweets. I believe that this was a push start to receiving more followers, but was not necessarily imperative.

What seemed to be important throughout these months of engaging with my Twitter account was my consistency, which allowed my account to have a prominent presence on the platform. Between the time period of when I created my account and 8/29, my usage continuously declined which resulted in a poor Twitter presence.

Therefore, the consistency was imperative during the time I decided to become active again on my account. Additionally, while curating content with my main audience in mind, who are college students, my engagement increased and provoked my followers to retweet my Tweets, which allowed my audience to increase. Tweeting content with #NHsmc brought a lot of attention to current Newhouse students, which are 75% of my new 31 followers, and expanded my network.


Both my influence and network increased amongst Newhouse and Syracuse University, but not in a general sense. Rather than tweeting content that was notably for class, using the #NHsmc, I think that tweeting in between those assignments would have helped increase my influence and network. It would have allowed my tone to shine through my profile more and would have attracted more audience than just Newhouse students who can relate to that hashtag and the assignments.


Including this intriguing picture in this tweet is what I believe allowed this tweet to have a great number of engagements. As we learned in class, the audience is often more pulled in and willing to engage with content that contains visual appealing elements, such as images, videos, or emojis.

Considering there was no call to action in this tweet, there is nothing else to credit, aside from the picture, for 83 engagements. It is not surprising that this tweet did not receive any retweets as it was not relatable content, more of a statement, which is what I believe led to the 6 likes. Users liked the tweet out of enjoyment of the visual and the inspiration of the copy.

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Using a great number of hashtags and tagging, allowed this tweet to be viewed by more users than just my followers. If Twitter users were to use boolean search or click on one of these hashtags within another tweet, such as #BuffaloNY, they would be led to more tweets with this hashtag, including mine. Additionally, I think including identity in this content attracted the attention of my followers because it was more personalized to my account.

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I included a gif in this tweet that went along with the Twitter copy which created a visual appeal in which would make people laugh. The gif allowed the tweet to connect to positive emotions and to stand out when scrolling through Twitter. Additionally, the content was curated around the upcoming holiday, Yom Kipper, which increased its relevance on Twitter. I created the tweet expecting for it to receive more retweets, though since it was only relatable for a particular religion, that may have hindered it to be shared.

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I believe that the organization and visual appeal with the use of images and emojis led to a great amount of engagement. Additionally, the positive emotions this tweet portrays engages users and the incorporation of traveling and living vicariously through photos resonates with people. It got zero retweets as it was not content that someone else could share because it was personalized towards my own Instagram account. Though, the visuals must have been appealing enough that 55 people were intrigued enough to expand the photos.

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This tweet was a paid, promoted tweet which is ultimately why it received 1,302 impressions. Aside from that, it did receive 14 link clicks. I believe that this was because the tweet pulled the audience in by asking a question, the use of an emoji made it more fun, and the image of SpongeBob without the actual meme words showing spiked curiosity, leading people to click.

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This tweet utilized the technique of quote tweeting. Additionally, it included participatory content, asking the users to tune into a live stream, which typically makes content receive more attention. Though this tweet only got 341 impressions and 4 engagements. It was tweeted at 11:37 AM, which according to Twitter analytics, is not a time of day where my followers are highly engaged in Twitter content.

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The addition of emojis to this tweet expressed the idea of hump day more and gave this post its own body language. Though this tweet got a lot of impressions, it did not succeed with engagement. With intentions of receiving greater engagement with this tweet, I included visual appeal, hashtags, and emojis. Additionally, it promoted positive content which could resonate with users emotionally.

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Though this tweet did not receive an immense amount of impressions, it did receive a lot of engagement in comparison to my other tweets. This podcast resonates with people and it is stock content so its shelf life does not decrease. I retweeted this tweet one month after its original posting as it was still relevant, which contributed to the 10 total engagements that it received. Though 10 is not necessarily a lot, it only received 189 impressions, so in that ratio, 10 engagements is a decent amount.

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This is not a tweet that would necessarily be retweeted by another user unless they decide to promote a personal twitter list of mine, but it is a tweet that incorporated influencer engagement and a visual. Though it only got 2 likes, it did attract the attention of followers and most importantly, one of the likes is from the famous @HannahBronfman, that was mentioned in the tweet.

This tweet successfully attracted the attention of a micro influencer who has 20K followers. I believe that the incorporation of positive talk regarding the influencer in this tweet is what inclined her to engage with it. Rather, if it was a tweet bashing her, chances are she would not engage with it as it would not bring positive emotions to her.

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This tweet included inspired awe. Adding personalization and an interesting, yet unknown fact about me would lead to my followers thinking “omg no way!” Only 4 users liked it, but 14 users engaged with the tweet. Potentially because of the hashtags or tag included. This got 0 retweets which I am not surprised about as it is a personalized tweet that does not pertain to most followers so would not make sense to share.


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