Personal Influence Growth and Analysis & Top 10 Tweets/Posts

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Part 1: Influence

From the beginning of the semester to present, (August 29th – November 28) I saw a significant increase with my follower number, as well as  my number of impressions and engagements. I began the semester with 89 followers on Twitter, and currently have 113 followers. This is a growth rate of about 1.3% over a 91 day period. During this 91 day period, I earned 344 impressions each day, and my tweets had an average engagement rate of 2.8%.


Some techniques that I noticed gained more engagement with my account were: using hashtags with popular followings, and tweeting into conversations replying to famous or semi-famous Twitter accounts. Another thing that worked regarding engagement was tweeting rich media besides just text- I noticed that I usually received more likes when using GIFs or pictures. Many of my quote-retweets in which I added my two cents on other people’s tweets also received increased engagements than plain text posts. The best engaged with posts from my account were the tweets that others have retweeted, due to the fact that my audience for that post had grown, so the impressions and potential engagements with that post increased greatly.


The following charts demonstrate the impressions  and average engagements generated by my account over the course of this semester:

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Part 2: Execution

The following are my top (according to impressions) 10 tweets with #NHsmc included over the past 91 days. They are arranged in decreasing order:


Impressions: 1,494

Engagements: 67

Engagement Rate: 4.5%

Insight: I think this tweet was successful due to it’s timeliness (right as these two big events were getting heavy coverage in the media) as well as the accompanying hashtags. The use of the #trending hashtag as well as the other popularly used hashtags included within the tweet probably caught the eyes of the people following both trending topics. The rich media of the graph was also most likely eye catching in a timeline of mostly text only posts.



Impressions: 643

Engagements: 32

Engagement Rate: 5%

Insight: This tweet received heavy engagement because many users responded to this with their recommendations, as well as follows and mentions from various podcast accounts that were either tagged by users in their reply tweets to me, or found the post via the #podcast hashtag. This tweet was posed as a question that inquired my followers to name some of their favorite podcasts, and this question format was very successful in earning engagements for my post.


Impressions: 610

Engagements: 50

Engagement Rate: 8.2%

Insight: (These are the analytics from before I promoted this Tweet in my Viral Campaign) This post likely received as many impressions as it did due to the included Imgur graphic, as well as the various steps I took within that campaign to increase impressions for that tweet card and corresponding Imgur link. I had 3 retweets on this tweet, which undoubtably led to the high number of impressions listed above.



Impressions: 571

Engagements: 113

Engagement Rate: 19.8%

Insight: The multiple photos of this post were beneficial in earning engagements for this post. This post and its collage of photos would be a break in text-post heavy timelines, and led to higher clicks in order to look at the individual photos.



Impressions: 507

Engagements: 28

Engagement Rate: 5.5%

Insight: The impressions earned on this post are due to the use of several heavily followed tags as well as popular hashtags. I also tagged Dunkin Donut’s twitter handle, as well as tagging @CityOfBoston, a locally run account from Boston, about Boston, which has a heavy local following. The combination of these tags and hashtags increased the potential audience for this post, and therefor increased the amount of impressions I was likely to receive. I think that the engagement rate could have been improved, and this might have been solved by posting a video rather than a picture, or more engaging media to accompany the text of the tweet.



Impressions: 419

Engagements: 35

Engagement Rate: 8.4%

Insight: This tweet did not have a significantly large impression number compared to my other tweets, and  the engagement rate is not significantly large either. I think this is due to the lack of actual text content within the post as well as the lack of more popular hashtags. Another thing that could have added to the poor impressions and engagement was that this was tweeted at 7:51 am, which is, according to Twitter Analytics, not the most opportune time for my posts to be seen by my followers.



Impressions: 369

Engagements: 76

Engagement Rate: 20.6%

Insight: This tweet received lower impressions compared to my before mentioned posts, but received a high engagement rate compared to many of my tweets.  This tweet received 14 favorites, likely due to the relatable and appealing content of images of a puppy. The content was appealing enough to a large audience that the engagement rate of this post was very high even though it had a more limited audience of impressions. To earn more impressions, I think it would have been beneficial to use more interesting text to accompany the pictures, as well as some additional popular hashtags or tagging some popular dog twitter accounts.



Impressions: 342

Engagements: 5

Engagement Rate: 1.5%

Insight: This tweet didn’t have as many impressions as I would have hoped. Next time, I think I would create my own message and possibly use some emojis rather than just quoting a lengthy, dense quote that might sway potential views away from engaging with the post. I would also use a few more hashtags and even tag some of the key players from either side of this debate around #FreePress to generate more possibilities for interacting with the tweet.



Impressions: 320

Engagements: 12

Engagement Rate: 3.8%

Insight: At the time, this was one of my posts with a highest impressions and engagements, as this poll had 31 votes within it. I think trivial polls are a way to get good engagement from an audience, since the interaction component makes their voice feel heard and is a fun break from scrolling their timeline. But, in the future, I would pick a more relevant or popular topic for my tweet and use some trending hashtags in order to get more impressions and potential engagements with my post.



Impressions: 317

Engagements: 20

Engagement Rate: 6.3%

Insight: This tweet did not receive as many impressions as I would have hoped. I did receive 6 likes and 20 engagements, but I think these numbers would have been higher if a follower or another account retweeted this post. Next time, I will try to make the content more broad and applicable to more people in order to potentially inspire some retweets-OR make the post more eye catching and interesting to those accounts tagged in order for them to be inspired to retweet. Next time, I think I will add some more interesting pictures to the post as well in order for viewers to want to click the post in order to see all of the content.

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