Personal Influencer Growth & Analysis

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From the beginning of this course, August 28th, I started out with 1 Twitter follower. Up until November 28th, I have 43 followers. Overall, my Twitter following has experienced 4,200% growth.

By starting out with only one follower on Twitter, I wanted to increase my influence and network. After revisiting my past tweets and reviewing my profile, I have gathered some useful information in analyzing my performance. To begin, using hashtags in my tweets worked in terms of gaining more followers and engagement. Using hashtags exposed my tweets to bigger audiences than just my followers. Another technique that worked for my account was the use of visuals in my tweets. Whether it was pictures, GIFs, links, etc., visuals allowed my followers to relate to my posts and engage more with my content. This is useful information, as it is important to know when trying to further expand my audience. My tweets that did not receive as much positive feedback were my tweets that I posted when I had little followers and my tweets that I posted without hashtags. Although they seem cheesy, hashtags really do help increase your influence and network.

Top 10 Tweets:


    1. Impressions: 1,195
    2. Engagements: 106
    3. Engagement Rate: 8.9%
    4. Likes: 4, Replies: 1
    5. In this post, I mention 3 accounts with many followers, use 3 hashtags (#FollowFriday, #Celebrities, #NHsmc), and include 3 pictures. I think this particular tweet got a lot of engagement because I included the use of visuals and hashtags. I also gained engagement from followers of these reputable accounts.


    1. Impressions: 685
    2. Engagements: 7
    3. Engagement Rate: 1.0%
    4. Likes: 3
    5. For this tweet, I used a GIF, tagged 2 accounts of well-known celebrities, and used 4 hashtags (#BachelorInParadise #DancingWiththeStars #NHsmc #Voice). The use of hashtags in this tweet was beneficial, as I gained more engagement from followers of those hashtags. I also think this tweet is my second top tweet because it was humorous.


    1. Impressions: 564
    2. Engagements: 20
    3. Engagement Rate: 3.5%
    4. Likes: 1, Replies: 2
    5. In this tweet, I am promoting my Snapchat account by including my Snapchat handle. I also use 3 hashtags (#dogsoftwitter #goldenretriever #NHsmc) and include 3 pictures of my dog. Again, the hashtags helped with the engagement on this post, but I also think the Snapchat handle did, as well. It allowed my followers to click through and view my Snapchat. I also think this tweet received a lot of engagement because it included pictures of my cute dog, and who doesn’t want to click on pictures of cute dogs?


    1. Impressions: 523
    2. Engagements: 5
    3. Engagement Rate: 1.0%
    4. Retweets: 2
    5. For this post, I only include 2 hashtags (#Nhsmc #coffee), but I tagged Professor Grygiel’s Twitter account. I think most of my engagement on this tweet came from my classmates retweeting it, as we did for a class assignment, but also from it being linked to Professor Grygiel’s account, which has many followers.


    1. Impressions: 488
    2. Engagements: 13
    3. Engagement Rate: 2.7%
    4. Likes: 1, Replies: 1
    5. In this Tweet, I am describing a bit of myself to Professor Grygiel. I tag their account and I use 2 hashtags (#Miami & #NHsmc). While it seems as though there isn’t much going on with this specific Tweet, I interacted with a classmate in the replies and I think this was successful. My classmate probably found this tweet under the class hashtag and we had a conversation under my post.


    1. Impressions: 477
    2. Engagements: 26
    3. Engagement Rate: 5.5%
    4. Link Clicks: 17
    5. This tweet was particularly popular because I included a link. The use of a link in this post helped my Twitter gain more engagement because my followers clicked through on the link and interacted with my account. I also used 2 hashtags for this tweet (#ThisIsUs & #nhsmc). The hashtag involving the show “This Is Us” helped my twitter network because it is a popular show and I tweeted this on the night it ran on TV. This meant that a lot of the show’s followers were probably looking at the hashtag on Twitter, so they saw my post and decided to read more.


    1. Impressions: 433
    2. Engagements: 28
    3. Engagement Rate: 6.5%
    4. Likes: 2
    5. In this tweet, I tagged Lady Gaga’s account, included 3 hashtags (#BradleyCooper, #AStarIsBornMovie, & #NHsmc), and used a picture from Google Analytics. Aside from the hashtags, this post did well in terms of engagement because I used an image and mentioned a celebrity. I have noticed that when you include mentions and hashtags regarding celebrities in your tweets, it drives more influence.


    1. Impressions: 328
    2. Engagements: 20
    3. Engagement Rate: 6.2%
    4. Likes: 1, Link Clicks: 15
    5. For this post, I included 3 hashtags (#NHsmc #Memes #funny) and included a link to my meme on Imgur. I think this post received many click throughs on my meme, which essentially drove more engagement to the post and my account.


    1. Impressions: 319
    2. Engagements: 44
    3. Engagement Rate: 14%
    4. Likes: 3
    5. This post represents how strong the “Newhouse Mafia” is. In this tweet, I use 2 hashtags (#NHsmc #newhousenetwork) and mention the Newhouse School and a Newhouse alumni, Andrea Lavinthal. I received most of the engagement on this post because of the Newhouse hashtag and mention. Newhouse has such an immense following and network and I am sure people check up on their Twitter a lot. This tweet definitely made its way to people’s screens through the Newhouse mentions.


    1. Impressions: 314
    2. Engagements: 15
    3. Engagement Rate: 4.8%
    4. Likes: 2
    5. In this tweet, I include 5 hashtags (#Brunch #pancakes #nyc #eats #NHsmc) and 4 pictures of food. If one thing catches attention, it’s food. The hashtags about food and the photos of food brought my account more influence and network. The use of visuals is extremely influential in creating a wider following.

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