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Last Friday, November 27th, Robert Lewis Dear killed three people in a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. Immediately Twitter users launched hashtags in order to keep each other updated and aware of what was occurring. Some of these hashtags expressed support towards the clinic, such as #IStandWithPP, and others expressed support towards the shooter, such as #DefundPP. The hashtag #PPShooting provided opinions on both sides of the argument.  The tweets in support of the clinic and victims pointed out issues with the media coverage, for example how news outlets did not release the names of the victims right away.

The discourse surrounding Planned Parenthood has been present is virtually every political debate, during which many candidates spoke in support of de-funding.

Twitter users also spoke to the disparity of people that have a #profile stance, seeing that some called the shooter a hero for murdering people which goes against the idea of #prolife.

Most of the tweets commented on the media coverage of the shooter. This particular detail was also connected to the discourse of race. Users argued that because he was a white male he was not shot on the scene, although he killed an officer, as well as being referred to as “gentle”.

Just as there were supporters of the victims and the clinic, there were also supporters of the shooter. Many people argued that because of the number of babies killed in Planned Parenthood, the shooter’s actions were justifiable.

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  1. A very important topic to write about, especially covering how it plays out on social media. It’s unfortunate that this tragedy has to become a political debate (political in the sense of whether Planned Parenthood should be defunded or not), especially so soon.
    Great work!

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