Put This Pup On The Map

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  • To make the “Up In My Grill” meme go viral
  • To collect engagement on a twitter web card and imgur views on the meme.



My campaign was successful overall. I stuck to my marketing plan for the most part, changing the times and dates of a few posts as I thought more about my followers and not overwhelming them with the same content. For example, I decided not to post at all on Election Night, because I know my meme would just be drowned in other social media.

What surprised me was that the content I expected to have the most success was not the most successful, and vice versa. I posted a video with a dog towards the end of my campaign that I thought would get the most engagement. I also thought my early efforts were too simple to be successful. These two strategies had opposite results, with my early efforts being the most successful. As I learned throughout the week, I tired to simplify my posts and make sure they were straight forward but also engaging.

Just by the numbers, I believe this campaign accomplished the goals I had in mind. I successfully used the webcard, and promoted it multiple times to earn the 116 engagements. While most imgur views came early in my campaign, I still finished with 344 views.

Webcard Engagements


Imgur Views: 344

Webcard Engagements: 116


Total Engagements: 460


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