Smile! Your FaceTime Says “Connecting”

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My objective is to conduct 500+ views, 20+ shares and 100+ likes across the social media platforms that my meme will be present on.

Imgur Meme

Total Imgur views: 599

Twitter Webcard

Twitter Ads Engagement and Spend


Since submitting my meme to the class, I noticed that my content was very relatable and had a great chance of receiving engagement and impressions on social media outlets. After concluding my campaign, I realized what had worked and what did not work while trying to promote my campaign. For starters, I analyzed my Imgur post and noticed I had many views. During the first few days of my campaign, I realized my views were slowly increasing, or not increasing at all. In order to change this pattern, I decided it was best to add more hashtags to my Imgur caption so I could expand my audience. Immediately after including more general/broad hashtags, my views spiked up immediately. I went from 23 views to 200+ in a matter of minutes. After that, my views began to steadily increase resulting in a total of 599 views on my Imgur content. When looking at my twitter ads campaign, I realized an abundant amount of impressions. By only spending $5, I finalized my twitter campaign ad with 1669 impressions.  I am confident that if I were allowed to spend more money my impressions would have a much more significant effect; I will keep this in mind in my future years of advertising campaigns. I noticed that I lacked engagement on my scheduled tweets because I do not have a substantial following on Twitter. I received a maximum of two likes on one of my tweets and zero engagement on the rest of my tweets that were conducted during my campaign. This made me realize I should have shared my campaign on other social media vehicles where I have a more significant following; those being Facebook and Instagram. Although I did not achieve all the objectives I was hoping for, I believe my meme was successful and I am pleased with the outcome.


Final Engagement Number

Imgur: 599 views

Twitter Ad: 1669 impressions





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8 thoughts on “Smile! Your FaceTime Says “Connecting”

  1. I LOVE this meme! I showed this to all my friends because of how relatable and hilarious this is. It is not surprising how many impressions you received on your Twitter Card. Nice job!

  2. I loved this meme when I saw it in class and I’m not surprised it did so well. Although I am surprised that it didn’t get as many view on Imgur, but that could also be based on the audience. I’m curious how many impressions it would have had if you could have spent more money on the promotion. I think Twitter would have really loved it!

  3. This meme is hilarious! It is exactly like the face I make but yours made me crack up! I sent it to all my friends and they got a kick out of it too. I haven’t seen a meme like this before so original definitely relatable and so funny!

  4. This meme is definitely relatable, and that is why you were successful in your Imgur view count! Anyone who has FaceTimed before knows the awkward seconds before the actual connection takes place.

  5. Love how relatable this is. You really took into account your audience when it came to this project, and that’s why it was so successful! Twitter Web Card views were so high, that’s awesome! As we can all tell through this post’s comments as well, lots of people really liked your meme. Great job!

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