Snapple Meme Viral Content Challenge

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In order to relay my feelings about the current state of my current homework load, I’d like to post this relatable meme to engage with my Twitter audience and advance my online presence. Ideally, I’d like to be able to claim a viral item as a part of my online digital portfolio.

Midterm paper szn!!

Snapple Meme

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In the beginning of this campaign, I started off with a different meme. However, after some contemplation, I realized that this particular meme was going to be much more interesting because it’s applicable to all audiences. Everyone who’s ever been a student knows the struggle of needing to fulfill a word count understands what it’s like to have “been there.” I think that the engagements that I received definitely indicated that this meme was well-received. Overall, I garnered 180 Total Twitter Engagements, 46 Twitter Clicks, 130 Twitter Media Engagements, which culminated to a 26.32% Twitter Engagement Rate.

I was interested, however, in the replies to my promoted Tweet:

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People were somewhat confused as to why I had chosen to promote a meme, but I think that’s just the nature of seeking additional engagements through promoting tweets. As this was the first Twitter campaign I ever put together, I would be interested to see how my campaign turns out next time. I used 2 separate tweets for this one, but what if I had used more? Would audiences have responded better? It was also interesting to watch my content hosted on Imgur,

It was also interesting to watch my content hosted on Imgur, as this is a site I’m not used to. The comments were of a Reddit-esque nature, which is never something I feel in my Twitter feed. However, I did receive over 5,000 views on Imgur, which leads me to believe that most of that community DID like my content.

In summary, my final results were:

6,061 Imgur Views + 684 Tweet Impressions = 6,745 Combined Impressions

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