#Stand4Service: The Fight for Funding

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It’s that time of year again where national budget cuts propose to limit the amount of funding giving to the Corporation for National and Community Service which overseas the AmeriCorps programs as well as the SeniorCorps programs. The proposed cuts would mean a loss of 20,000 AmeriCorps positions across the nation. There are a handful of people who feel the money could be used better somewhere else other than with the service program. However, the AmeriCorps programs and SeniorCorps programs are too important the communities they serve to be eliminated. The organization Voices For Service rolled out a twitter campaign to try to encourage people who are currently and have previously served with any of the AmeriCorps programs to reach out to their followers and contact the senator who will be making the final decision the the proposed cuts.

The Campaign that was put into motion is called #stand4service.

Over the past few weeks, countless AmeriCorps alumni have been jumping on the wagon and asking for their followers to help them save the 20,000 AmeriCorps positions.

Many Alumni shared which specific programs they served with and share how they not only helped them grow professionally, but personally as well.

But it wasn’t just how these programs affected the people who served, the AmeriCorps programs “get things done” for their communities have results to prove it. Like this City Year statistic shared my this twitter user.

Many Alumni, like myself, have also used the AmeriCorps as a way to pay for school when they have no other way to receive the money for higher education.

Even some memes were made and shared! The rendition of Rosie the Riveter below was created by some AmerCorps Members who served with me at the AmeriCorps NCCC Pacific Region Campus during Class 18 of the program.

Finally, it just amazes me the strength the AmeriCorps community. How all of these people band together to save something that effected us all so much, we can’t stand to see it minimized. Because we are AmeriCorps members this day and the next. We #Stand4Service because it Gets. Things. Done.

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