#StandWithPP Now and Always

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Over the past few months, there has been an even larger rise of anti-abortion activists, who are pushing to shut down Planned Parenthood and thus take health care away from many women. In response, Planned Parenthood has spread the Stand with Planned Parenthood campaign, which has been seen on social media through photo filters and #StandWithPP. Planned Parenthood supporters around the world have used this campaign to express the importance of the organization and why they stand with them.

On November 27, a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, CO was attacked, leaving 3 dead and 9 injured. In the wake of this tragedy, #StandWithPP has gained even more momentum on social media. The hashtag has existed for quite some time, but right now supporters are using it to show that they stand in solidarity with Planned Parenthood now and always. As the tweets below show, accounts including those of Planned Parenthood, politicians, public figures, and normal citizens are using the hashtag to support the organization and the victims of this tragedy, but also to express the urgent need to deal with the attacks against Planned Parenthood, as well as gun violence overall. As might be expected, there are some who are using the hashtag in a negative and disgraceful manner.

A Selection of the Many Who #StandWithPP:

Opposing Views:

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  1. A great overview on a very important topic in America right now. No matter what side of abortion you support, violence is never the answer for anything. Good job with finding tweets about both sides of opinions on this.

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