#Stormi Makes it Rain

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Kylie Jenner and her beau, Travis Scott, have been making headlines. Kylie made a big splash on Twitter by announcing the birth of her daughter, Stormi, on one of the biggest day of media consumption in America, The Super Bowl.

Our Boolean search included the terms “#Stormi” AND NOT “#Stormy.” We wanted to understand how the twitter sphere reacted to Stormi’s birth, and not the ‘stormy’ weather. This whole conversation sparked from a different individual, her mother, Kylie Jenner.

Word Cloud

’Kylie Jenner’ and ‘Kylie’ are the two biggest words on the word cloud. The second biggest words are Chicago, North, and Stormi. Each of these are names of the Kardashian/Jenner children. We noticed that people were talking about the Kardashian brand as a whole rather than just this one announcement from February 4th. This shows how the Kardashians are not defined by single events, but rather by their brand.


Buzz Graph

Similar to the world cloud, people associate Stormi with Kylie, but more so with the Kardashian brand. It’s interesting that Travis Scott, Stormi’s father, is not mentioned once in the Buzz Graph.


Latest Activity

In less that a day you can see how Twitter activity went from zero to almost 4,000 mentions. This shows how powerful Kylie’s presence is on Twitter and how a single tweet can spark so much interest.



Almost half the people talking about Stormi on social media were from America. Realistically, since the entire Kardashian brand is rooted in America that would be where much of the discussion takes place. The show is shot in various cities around the US, although the family lives in Los Angeles.


Twitter Trending

Seven of the top ten trending topics over the week of February 1st – February 8th related to Stormi. Kylie’s pregnancy announcement came a few hours before one of America’s biggest events began, The Super Bowl. Interestingly enough, only one topic was trending about the Super Bowl on this day. This shows the power that Kylie and the Kardashian clan truly portrays on social media.

Most Retweeted Tweet

This tweet from @RydelLynch, a member of pop band R5, was the most retweeted tweet containing #Stormi. This tweet was likely popular because Rydel herself is already a popular public figure that had a relation to the name Stormi. Because of Rydel’s large twitter following, she was able to amass a large amount of retweets.


Group Members:

Chloe Citron, Natalie Landsberg, Emily Corbin, Sydney Feinberg

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