Syllabus Week vs. Finals Week

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  • To go viral.
  • To appeal to students and young adults.
  • To increase views, likes and favorites on the following platforms: Imgur, Twitter and Facebook.


Imgur Content:

Finals Week Feels…


Twitter Webcard:

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Twitter Ad Engagement:

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Twitter Ad Spend:

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Engagement Number: 1,280

Imgur Views: 1,162 Views

Twitter Engagement: 118


Analysis of Campaign:

Overall, my meme got a significant amount of traction from Imgur. I was able to obtain 500 views from Imgur alone, prior to even posting the meme anywhere else. Organic Twitter and Facebook posts helped boost my views as well. My twitter ad campaign did not pull in as much engagement as I expected. I believe this is due to poor timing. I ran my campaign November 6th– 9th. These dates were crucial periods in the 2016 election. Because of this, I believe that Twitter users were very focused on election-related content and may have not interacted as much as they would have with other content. Specifically, I got my lowest engagement rates on November 8th, which was election day. If I were to run a twitter campaign again, I would make sure to coordinate the campaign so that it is not affected by major events.

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