Baby of #AprilTheGiraffe Is Here!

After much anticipation, April, a giraffe at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, N.Y., has given birth to its fourth calf. The (slightly gross) birth of #AprilTheGiraffe — Gary Grumbach (@GaryGrumbach) April 15, 2017 Social media has gone wild, with users sharing live streams of the birth and congratulating April. Much jubilation can be inferred […]

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Sorry but not sorry

Trending on twitter earlier today was the hashtag #ThingsIWontApologizeFor. To me this seemed like a very silly hashtag, and naturally I wanted to see what this conversation was all about. A lot of what people were tweeting about included not apologizing for being themselves. #ThingsIWontApologizeFor (and you shouldn't either) — Kait 🌈 || 43 […]

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#Trump(ing) Views

Only a week after the Presidential election, people still have a lot to say about the candidates. #Trump2016 remains a trending hashtag on twitter for both supporters and those who claim he is “not my president.” Obama played his race card. Hillary played her woman card. The American people played their Trump card. And we […]

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Aside from being a misogynistic, racist bigot, if Trump can't stop himself from tweeting insults, how can he run America? #NotMyPresident — Ricky Davila (@TheRickyDavila) November 11, 2016 #NotMYPresident #HillaryClinton will NEVER be President- let that sink in and celebrate! — BenGarrison Cartoons (@GrrrGraphics) November 13, 2016 Twitter censors pro-Trump trends but allows […]

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Weekly? Monthly?

Weekly planners vs. Monthly planners #PlannerDebate2015 #NHsmc — Kiara Bunting (@KiaraBunting) November 30, 2015 Weekly planners allow more in-depth, detailed scheduling #PlannerDebate2015 #NHsmc — Kiara Bunting (@KiaraBunting) November 30, 2015 Weekly or Monthly? Weigh in now! #PlannerDebate2015 #NHsmc — Kiara Bunting (@KiaraBunting) November 30, 2015 Monthly planners allow for more thorough, long-term time management #PlannerDebate2015 […]

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