The Facebook Problem

A lot of people think that Facebook has problems, when in reality the world has a Facebook problem. Facebook’s prominence in world affairs has recently stirred a lot of conversation about their responsibility to the truth and to what is right. While these arguments have good intentions, they give Facebook too much credit. Facebook does […]

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Who Runs the World? Facebook

Facebook has exploded since I made my first photo album on the social media platform back in eighth grade. About eight years later, Facebook’s non-threatening interface and promise of instant communication gratification has people all over the world logging on. With 2 billion users, Facebook has a population larger than any country in the world. […]

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Un-Friending Facebook

In 2008, my mom allowed me to create a Facebook profile for my twelfth birthday. I remember it being such a big deal because all my friends had them, and I could not wait to start sharing pictures, posting angsty song lyrics as my status, and finally stop updating my AIM away message. That’s what […]

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