Citizen Of The Year

As of late the National Anthem has sparked controversy and has become one of the most polarizing issues in America. While many believe kneeling during the anthem before a sporting event is disrespectful to the flag and the country, others believe it is their constitutional right to be able to protest injustices in society. The […]

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The Sexual Misconduct Debate

In light of the many sexual misconduct allegations that have surfaced within the past month, I thought it appropriate to find a hashtag that related to one of these events. The hashtag I chose to examine was #Franken, since the breaking news of Al Franken’s sexual harassment allegations has been rather controversial and politically heated. Al […]

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Curb Your Enthusiasm airs Sundays at 10PM on HBO, and is currently in its 9th season. With another episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm underway, #CurbYourEnthusiasm (insert Larry David emoji) was one of the trending Twitter hashtags on Sunday night, November 26, 2017. The guest stars included Lin Manuel and Judge Judy, which the Twitter audience […]

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For the past few years the issue of climate change and global warming have been topics of conversation around the country. Many people debating over the severity of the situation and whether or not it was a real concern, something that could directly affect each and every one of them. Twitter and other social media […]

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NHsmc Blog Post 3

#bitcoin now in the top 30 currencies in the world. by #ElCryptoJesus — Adryenn Ashley (@adryenn) November 27, 2017 $1: it's a bubble!$10: it's a bubble!$100: it's a bubble!$1000: it's a bubble!$10,000: it's a bubble!$100,000: it's a bubble!$1,000,000: it's a bubble!$10,000,000: Ok, I give up.#bitcoin — Datavetaren (@Datavetaren) November 27, 2017 #Bitcoin crushing US […]

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A Royal Engagement: #PrinceHarry

The British Royal Family has always been a source of buzz, as one of the last highly publicized monarchies in the world. On November 27, Prince Harry announced his engagement to actress Meghan Markle. Prince Harry is to marry his American actress girlfriend Meghan Markle — BBC Breaking News (@BBCBreaking) November 27, 2017 A […]

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#BoycottKeurig began when Keurig tweeted that they would pull their ads from FOX new’s Sean Hannity Show after his questionable coverage on Republican candidate Roy Moore’s allegations of a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl. I will never, ever, ever, never, ever, ever #BoycottKeurig. Did I say that enough times? It's a staple in our […]

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The Curious Spectrum of #Trump Tweets

I wanted to investigate the wide spectrum of opinions and tweets circulating the Twittersphere about President Donald Trump. As expected, #Trump yielded a vast range of both positive and negative opinions on the President spanning numerous political issues. I tried my best to offer up the most representative and diverse sample of these tweets. Beginning […]

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