Girls Play Fortnite?!

Chances are, whether you have played it or not, you’ve heard of Fortnite. Fortnite is a multiplayer “open-world survivor” video game that pits 100 people against each other in a Hunger Games style fight to the death. For the past year, this free video game has been extremely popular amongst gamers. Gamers are typically, or […]

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Can I Touch Your Hair?

Can I Touch Your Hair? This video is about my experience as an African American woman when people ask if they can touch my hair. #BlackHair #BlackHistoryMonth #CanITouchYourHair? For more reading on this issue, Click Here!      Send article as PDF   

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A Give Back Christmas Campaign

This campaign is a part of a bigger project to make a wonderful Christmas to children at Casa Vhida, which is a non-profit organization that takes care of HIV positive children. The meme was really to make fun of myself and to grab attention from my followers and friends on social media so they could […]

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