Sysomos MAP Group Project #Oscars

Latest Activity On January 1, 2017, there were 5,532 impressions regarding the “Oscars” on Twitter and at the end of the month, there were 13,799. At its peak, on January 24, there were 323,353 impressions. This is because January 24 is the day that the Academy announced the Oscar nominations, with the most retweeted tweet […]

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While Super Bowl Sunday occurs in February, all of the action leading up to the big game takes place in January. With Twitter being a stage for pros and fans alike, #Superbowl began trending long before the coin toss. In a sampling taken between January 1st to January 31st, the popularity of the hashtag grew […]

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SYSOMOSt trending: Women’s March

Inspired by some brainstorming, our group sought to examine trends surrounding the term “Womens March” from 01/01/2017-01/31/2017. Latest Activity: We observed that most of the buzz around this event took place during the marches on Saturday, January 21st, and shortly thereafter. This reflects the in-the-moment nature of Twitter and social media – those who could not […]

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How the World Has Dealt #FakeNews

-Chazz Inniss, Cory Fernandez, Cameron Jenkins The latest epidemic to American media is not reality television, but rather started by reality television, is #fakenews.  Spewed out by venomous trolls like Donald Trump, KellyAnne Conway and Sean Spicer, #fakenews has led to distrust of American press and has further spread the schism between politicians and the […]

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