Viral Content Challenge

Objective: Get at least 500 views on imgur Imgur Meme:  Sydney F Meme   Twitter Webcard:  How I feel today — Sydney Feinberg (@sydneyfein) April 2, 2018 (included actual tweet and linked card because card would not embed) Twitter Ads Engagement and spend:  View post on Analysis:  Overall, I think that my marketing plan […]

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Campaign a Success, but Twitter a Fail

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Campaign Objective:

My objective for the viral content challenge was to reach 500 Imgur views of my Spring Break Meme.

Imgur Meme:

Spring Break looks vs feels 

Promotion of Meme:

To promote my Imgur meme, I shared it using a Twitter Webcard:

Other tweets I used with this webcard are:

#ICYMI was your #SpringBreak18 all it was lived up to be? #SpringBreakStrugs #NHsmc

Reply with your #SpringBreakStrugs from #SpringBreak18 #nhsmc

Lessons learned on #SpringBreak in #Bimini: floatees are friends and floaters are not #NHsmc #SpringBreakStruggles

And, I promoted the webcard pictured above by running a Twitter Ad Campaign with a $5 budget:

Through my Twitter Ad, I received 625 impressions, but only 20 link clicks leaving me with a click through rate of 3.2%.

Campaign Analysis:

Overall, I would call my campaign a success; I achieved my objective of reaching 500 views in Imgur! However, I was surprised by the way I obtained the views. By the end of the campaign, I had received 921 views on Imgur, almost double my campaign objective. When I uploaded my meme to Imgur, I shared it to the Imgur community using 5 tags: college, party, hungover, spring break, and broke as fuck. Just from sharing it to the community on Imgur, I received just under 800 views in the first 24 hours.

Over the course of the week, I tweeted five times linking to my Imgur meme. On average reaching 93 impressions, 0.4 likes, 0 retweets and 2 clicks organically. Through the organic reach on those tweets, I received a total of 10 link clicks. In the tweet I promoted using Twitter Ads, I received 20 link clicks. The impressions received for these tweets were on par with my average impressions I generally receive on Twitter, however the average likes and retweets were less than typical for me. Since my click through rates, likes, and retweets for my campaign received such low engagement, it’s clear my tweets are not as witty as I believed them to be. Coming up with creative Twitter content has been a challenge for me all semester, and is a skill I hope to continue to improve on.

So, I can confidently conclude sharing to the Imgur community was the my key to my success.

Final Engagements:

Views: 921

Upvotes: 6

Downvotes: 1

Comments: 1

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Can You Believe This Meme Went Viral?

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  • Gain more followers on Twitter
  • Engage with Twitter accounts that have a large following base
  • Use unique hashtags to improve engagements
  • Get over 500 views on Imgur


Imgur Meme


Twitter Webcard


Twitter Ads Engagement



In order to get this meme to go viral, I learned that the best way to increase the engagement was to continuously post the meme to Twitter. What I found to be interesting was that it did not matter how many retweets a tweet got, but how many times I tweeted out the card. Sharing the link to my friends and having them share it out tremendously helped to increase my engagement.


Final Engagement

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Viral Content Challenge

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When You Have a Final at 2, But Have to Direct Traffic at 2:30


For my Viral Content Challenge I created a meme with the objective for it to get at least 5 retweets and 20 likes. I reached out to other popular meme accounts, hoping one of them would post it on their feed and help the meme go viral.


Overall, I did not reach my objective. I ended up receiving 1 retweet, and 5 likes, which is 1/5 of my goal. I believe that since my follower base isn’t big enough, I struggled reaching the goal. I also could not figure out how to work twitter ads, which also decreased my chances of reaching my goal.


Although, I did not reach my goal, I did get very positive feedback from my followers. One even sent back a GIF of a little girl laughing with the caption, “LOL”.


Final engagement: I received 12 views on Imgur, which is very few. I would have hoped for more. I think I should’ve chose different hashtags to use, in order to reach a different follower base.


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Campaign Analysis

Objective: To get as many views as possible. Imgur Meme: When your group member starts explaining why they don’t do their part of the assignment Twitter Webcard: When your group member starts explaining why they didn't do their part of the assignment. #NHsmc #meme #whatdoyoumemeIdidntdomypart? #snap — Zoey Peck (@zoeypeck) November 6, 2017 Twitter […]

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The Power of Memes

Welcome to the great world of memes! Memes have become widely used and incredibly popular within the digital world in today’s society. They are mainly used to invoke humor and help people relate to one another. As far as my meme is concerned, I decided to take a jab at LeBron James, an NBA player […]

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