Going Viral with Mariah Carey

Virality is at once so simple and so complicated; every day, new pieces of content reach astronomical heights on Twitter and other social platforms, but it’s so hard to predict what will catch on with a large audience. For this project, I tried to manufacture virality with perhaps the most polarizing chanteuse the world has […]

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Part 2: Campaign Analysis

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Objective: For my marketing plan, I had two objectives the first was to reach over 550 views on Imgur, the second was to get high rates of engagement on Twitter such as impressions, likes, and retweets.

My plan to achieve this was to reach my target audience, being college students and young adults as I felt this humor would be relevant to them. I hoped to really resonate with this target audience as it was released during fall holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. I thought that many people my age love to indulge — but also often feel conflicted because they know they have future trips coming up such as winter break and spring break. I tried to make this humorous and use the extreme of spring break — unfortunately my meme did not succeed very well and I did not meet my goals.

I think my success was not achieved because I incorrectly promoted my tweet. If I had done so and realized this in a timely matter I believe that  I would’ve gotten a much better outcome and reach my personal goals for this viral challenge. I am frustrated with this error that resulted in a disappointing outcome that resulted in a lack of engagement via Twitter and Imgur.

Additionally, the tweets I had sent out via Tweetdeck did not bring in enough impressions to help achieve my goals. If I had scheduled more tweets — I believe my goals would have been better achieved.

Attached are the following expected details as posted in the rubric.

I received: 148 impressions during the 28 day period & 329 views on Imgur at the time I wrote this post.

Here are the links required:

Imgur Post

Twitter WebCard



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Meme Campaign Analysis

Analysis of my viral content challenge meme. Objective My objective stated previously in my marketing plan was to gain 500+ views on imgur, because that was the threshold that was considered going viral. Imgur meme Netflix Marathon Homework  My meme explained: This Meme relates to procrastination when doing homework. So instead of focusing on important […]

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Campaign Analysis

Objective: My “Finding Your Bae” content will be clicked, retweeted and shared across three social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Imgur during the eight-day period (11/5-11/12) with a 600+ overall millennial reach and engagement rate. Millennials will be measured by the amount of their clicks, retweets and shares during the eight-day week. Imgur Meme:  […]

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