#RealFriends Campaign Analysis

Have you ever had a friend that made a bad decision but you had to support them anyways? Supporting Your Friends Bad Decisions   Yeah.. most of us have been there. My meme highlighted the theme of #RealFriends and what that visually looks like. I believed that this Meme would gain engagement because it captured […]

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Viral Content Challenge

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Going viral does not seem like it would be a challenging thing but after setting out to do it I realized how much goes into becoming viral.

When I started this project here was my objectives were as followed:

-Post to go viral

-At least 500 views on imagur

-50 favorites on twitter

-Break the class record

Here were my results:

-Post went viral

-At least 500 views on imagur

I was not successful in getting 50 favorites or breaking the class record. I realized my strategy of tweeting out the link encouraged more people to click then favorite so by setting such a high favorite goal it was unrealistic. I needed to have just tweeted the picture if I wanted to be successful in favorites. As far as breaking the class record I do not think I failed in the category but yet I admit defeat that others were funnier than mine. I think I also would have been more successful if I did not have trouble uploading my image to twitter web cards and could have had more days to run my actual campaign. Running the twitter campaign only gained me about 200 more views on imagur. By making it public alone I was able to get 969 views. Pushing it out on imagur was my most successful tactic in going viral.

My final view count was 1137. 

In conclusion my meme went viral.

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NHsmc Viral Content

As emerging social media managers, we have a responsibility to stay up-to-date on important internet trends and ideas – ideas which are often perpetuated with online memes and imagery. And as a creator, I often have to remind myself to have specific objectives in mind while creating a meme. These help me specify my goals […]

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Brow on Fleek

Campaign Objectives: Gain 10 followers. Get 15 likes and 5 shares on social media. Get at least 500 views on Imgur. Analysis: For this campaign I attempted to reach mainly basketball and sports fans while also drawing in some members of the health & beauty community. On April 1st, NBA star, Anthony Davis, posted an […]

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Yodeling Into Virality

My objectives for this project was to create a meme that would go viral and reach over 500 views on Imgur. The Yodeling Walmart Kid #NHSMC  https://cards.twitter.com/cards/18ce53yi6np/5jbc6 For this campaign, having others retweet my content via Twitter increased my viewership the most. I also retweeted my link and posted it on Facebook which improved my […]

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