Viral Content Challenge

My objective for this viral content challenge was to create the most traffic and engagement surrounding this meme on imgur. Faker On imgur I was able to gain a total of 533 views. View post on This viral content challenge taught me the importance of scheduling and creating engaging tweets. I saw over the […]

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Conti’s Viral Content

“You need to do some meme research,” was not the first thing I would expect to come out of the mouth of one of my professors at the Newhouse School. But then again, this is 2017, this is public communication, and especially in the context of COM 427 – anything goes. Sometimes you need to push […]

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SOS, I’ve Been Meme’d

-Chazz Inniss I always wanted to go viral.  In some way shape or form I wanted to achieve mass popularity. I never thought it would become an assignment. When creating the meme I naturally gravitated to my face. Why? I think I have a pretty meme-able face. I mean, its expressive, sort of symmetrical, and […]

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Stole My Look

The #StoleMyLook campaign was a social media campaign centered around the goal of hopefully going viral. The content of the campaign was a meme that was posted on Imgur and then later included in several Tweets as well as Facebook posts. Stole My Look   Although it was part of a viral content challenge, the […]

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Campaign Analysis

During the marketing planning portion of my viral content challenge, I listed a bunch of objective for myself: At least 35 engagements on my Twitter webcard At least 8 shares of the meme on different social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, but the primary goal is for Twitter (retweet) At least 3 likes […]

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Viral Content Challenge Analysis

This is a critical analysis of my Viral Content Challenge, in which I tweeted and promoted an Imgur meme of Jim Boeheim with overlying text about our SmartBrief quizzes. Measurable objectives from my marketing plan: Achieve over 500 views Achieve over 100 expands Achieve over 50 link clicks Achieve over 10 retweets Achieve over 15 […]

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#NHsmc Viral Content Challenge: Freshman vs. Senior Year

Part 2: Campaign Analysis   Objective The objective of this content campaign was to exceed the expected 500 views on Imgur and to garner 20 retweets and 40 likes on Twitter in addition to that.   Meme Freshman Year vs. Senior Year   Twitter Webcard Tweet every senior understands… — Christy Fox (@christyecf) […]

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