Campaign Analysis

Objective Check how many views I have on Imgur after each post that promotes my meme. Make sure that the meme gets shared on various social media platforms. Take into account how many times the link to my meme gets shared, liked or commented on. See if there is a difference in my view count […]

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Successful Viral Content Challenge

Objectives My personal objectives for the Viral Content Challenge were to reach at least 500 views of my meme on Imgur and at least 7 engagements on Twitter. Imgur Meme Viral Meme Challenge Twitter Webcard Help me get to 500 views on this meme! #NHsmc #MemeDay — Nicole Pollak (@nicolepollakk) November 7, 2018 Twitter […]

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Viral Post Analysis

My total impressions from my twitter ad campaign was, 884. On Imgur, I got 184 views and 3 comments and from Twitter I got 9 total likes. I generated most of my impressions from my twitter campaign and I attribute that success to my audience selection. My Meme included an image of Will Farrell from […]

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SpongeBob Brita Filter Campaign Outcomes

Objective(s): Optimize engagement with Imgur through use of Facebook and Twitter and achieve Imgur impressions of 500 views. Through the use of Twitter Analytics: engagement > impressions. Imgur meme: SpongeBob Brita   Twitter Webcard: Have you ever related to @SpongeBob more? #NHsmc #relatable #collegelife — olivia sharf (@oliviasharf) November 8, 2018   Twitter Ads Engagement […]

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To Meme or Not to Meme?

  Objective Would like to get 200 views and 20 engagements Imgur Meme Twitter Webcard — Annaya (@nayasnook) November 10, 2018     Twitter Ads   Analysis of Campaign When starting this campaign, I was very hesitant at the thought of promoting a meme on twitter. Solely because I don’t click on […]

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Viral Content Challenge #NHSMC

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The challenge was to “go viral”! In the world of social media, memes take over the internet and my goal was to create a meme that did just that.

My objective was to:

  • Reach over 500 views on Imgur
  • Get at least 50 likes on Instagram
  • Get at least 30 retweets on twitter
  • Gain at least 10 more followers on both Instagram and twitter

Meme-Imgur Campaign

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Twitter Webcard Tweet

Twiter Ads Engagement and Spend

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My strategy was to use Imgur, Instagram, twitter and Facebook. Before I started the campaign, I had 26 followers on twitter and 61 followers on Instagram. At the end of the campaign, I had 29 twitter followers and 76 Instagram followers. I didn’t reach my goal for twitter, but I did achieve my goal for Instagram. I posted the meme on Instagram and twitter and I got a total of 13 likes on Instagram and 4 retweets on twitter. Even though I didn’t reach my engagement goals on these platforms, I am still happy with the result considering the ratio of followers I have.

When trying to have high engagement, I found that hashtags were important to use and the most helpful. Another way I tried to gain engagement for my meme was through Instagram stories. I made a few stories promoting my meme or my twitter to gain attraction to my account. I think the reasons for the results ending with mediocre engagement was due to having a broad audience. I found this to be true as in the past when I would make posts for a more specified target like college students, I found I had a higher engagement. Therefore, by not using the specific hashtag “college” in imgur, that took away some engagement. My goal on imgur was to reach at least 500 views however, I ended with a total number of 300 views on Imgur.

I ran a twitter campaign from November 6 to November 7 with a budget of $5.00. My objective was to get as many tweet engagements as I could with that budget. I ended up getting 630 impressions(total number of all the times the tweet has been seen) and 28 tweet engagements(the total number of times a user interacted with my tweet).




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Part 2: Campaign Analysis

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dad fashion

Views: 1,282


  • For this meme to be relatable to a large audience in the U.S.


  • Reach over 1,000 engagements (clicks on the Imgur URL) in one week

Tweet Webcard:

Twitter Ads Spend: $5.00

Twitter Ads Analytics: 

Tweet Activity Chart 1

Tweet Ad Analytics 2

Tweet Analytics Chart 3


  • Dates run: Nov 5-Nov 9
  • Results(Clicks):  128 link clicks
  • Result rate (link click rate): 4.6%
  • Cost per link click: $ 0.04


What Worked & What Didn’t Work in My Campaign:


I set my campaign to run over 5 days, with $1 being spent each day. To start, i choose to target the age demographic above 13, because I thought that only people over the age of 13 would find this meme relevant. Two days into my campaign, I looked at the analytics Twitter was giving back to me and made adjustments to my target on the ad platform from there. Some changes in targeting that I made to optimize my results were targeting more Android users (I noticed that most of my clicks were from Android devices) and refining my age range from 13-45, because I noticed that the majority of clicks were able to be narrowed down into that age group, therefore eliminating and narrowing the pool of users on Twitter that would see my Twitter ad, and aiming for a higher click through rate.


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Campaign Analysis

Objective Gain 500 views on Imgur by utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat This will be measured by the amount of views, likes, shares, retweets, and impressions there are Imgur Meme   Twitter Webcard   Twitter Ads Engagement   My Campaign Analyzed I think my campaign did well could have done better. […]

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