Am I Viral Yet?

Objective: My objective for this viral content challenge was to get 500 (or more) views of my meme on Imgur and 10 or more interactions with my various organic and promoted tweets: retweets, likes, or comments (or any combination). The Meme: Really makes you think… Twitter Ads Webcard: Are you a fan on #memes? If […]

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Viral Content Challenge

Objective The objective of this campaign was to get as many people as possible to view an original meme that I created of Lady Gaga, spoofing her role as Ally in the incredibly successful remake of  A Star is Born.  Ain’t It Hard Keepin’ it so Hardocre?   Reflection Using Twitter Ads was somewhat of […]

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Making My Dog Go Viral

Marketing Plan Objectives At least 1000 views on imgur Gain 10 followers on Twitter Gain 15 followers on Instagram Twitter Impressions up by 15 % At least 5 website clicks via my Instagram bio Outcomes/Analysis As my final engagement number, I received 800+ views on Imgur. While I didn’t reach my total goal, I set […]

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#StudiousDog Campaign Analysis

Have you ever been called on in class when you had absolutely no idea what was going on? Studious Dog Yeahhh, we’ve all been there: staring wide eyed and clueless at the professor thinking to ourselves, “oh god, why me?” My meme incorporated college humor and the worlds’ love of dogs to create the #StudiousDog campaign. […]

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Twitter Campaign Analysis

The main objective of my viral content marketing campaign was: To reach at least 500 views on my Imgur meme My marketing campaign proved to be successful as I surpassed this objective by attaining 1,246 views on Imgur. The strategy I applied to my campaign included the following elements: creating an engaging and relatable meme; […]

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Animal Face Expressions Gone Wild

To make my meme featured below go viral, I created a marketing plan involving goals, objectives, a calendar, strategy, and budget to ensure success. This plan was creative, original, and detailed. Objective: To receive 500 views or more on my meme by tracking through Imgur. It was established beforehand that 500 views on the meme […]

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The Finals Countdown

Objective The name of my ad campaign was “The Finals Countdown”, and the main goal was to share my meme with the hopes of going viral.  By incorporating different tools like Imgur, Twitter, Twitter Ads, and Facebook, I created a detailed editorial calendar that was followed throughout the campaign.  In addition, within my plan, I […]

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Senioritis Campaign

OBJECTIVE Background—I wanted to create a campaign around senioritis, because I know most students are in the senioritis “slump” around this time of year. Goals—I wanted to create a meme relating to those current college students, particularly seniors, in the senioritis “slump.” Objective—I wanted my meme to reach at least 500 views on Imgur and […]

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Kanye Sprints Out of Washington

Objective The main goal of the campaign was to achieve at least 500 views on the meme on Imgur. Secondary goals included getting at least 5 favorites on my promoted tweet. I also wanted to get 5 hearts on my GroupMe post.   Meme Kanye Sprinting Out of Washington WebCard No matter your opinion @kanyewest […]

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