Campaign Analysis: Trixy Food Meme

Introduction  It all started with a funny photo of my friend’s spoiled dog… I imported the photo into Imgur to create a relatable and appropriate meme that promoted using TwitterAds. Objectives  Surpass 500 imgur views At least 10 twitter retweets Minimum 20 twitter favorites Meme  Trixy Food Meme Twitter Webcard  We all know this feeling… […]

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Viral Meme Part Two: Analysis

A pre-election prediction… How do ya'll think tonight's gonna go? #electionday #govote — Mac Konrad (@MacMcKonrad) November 6, 2018 GOALS: To get 500 views on Imgur For people on Twitter to see my deep link to imgur and click on it To crack a dark joke about the nature of news regardless of how you […]

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Viral Content Challenge

Objective: 500 clicks on my meme via Imgur Meme: Business Majors Webcard: What I see as I walk to class in leggings and a sweatshirt. #nhsmc #meme #collegeproblems — Annie F. Farber (@FarberAnnie) November 5, 2018 Engagements and Spend: View post on Analysis: My meme was not successful, despite the fact that I accidentally […]

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Viral Marketing Analysis

Objective: My objective from my marketing plan was for my meme to go viral! Meme: Sorority Life Analysis: Overall, I began my campaign feeling pretty good because of the response that I got from my classmates. However, I think I overestimated how the campaign would do outside of a university setting. When I initially uploaded […]

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Viral Content Challenge: Part 2

OBJECTIVE Reach 2,000 views on Imgur link IMGUR MEME Care package from mom meme I created this meme to be seasonally relevant as well as being relatable to college students. The first time I had seen this photo of Megan Markle looking at Prince Harry, I thought to myself that a good meme could be […]

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Viral Content Challenge

  Marketing Plan Objectives: Receive more than 1,000 views on Imgur Receive at least 100 impressions on tweets posted promoting the meme Imgur Link: Twitter Webcard Tweets: when you have 17 internship applications due in one night — Catherine Leffert (@ccleffert) November 11, 2018 me rn — Catherine Leffert (@ccleffert) November 7, 2018 Twitter Ads […]

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