Konrad Twitter Growth/Analysis

@MacMcKonrad Followers prior to COM 427: 5 Followers gained from August-November: +8(160% increase) Total Current Followers: 13 To be perfectly honest I didn’t know how to grow my network for most of the semester. I came into this class with very little experience with social networks let alone successful ones. Frequently I was flying blind […]

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A Controversial Death

Following the death of  George H. Bush, on November 30, 2018, people have flooded twitter with both their admiration and continued disdain for the now late #41. Friendly reminder: George HW Bush was a reactionary who, in addition to facilitating the U.S. neoliberal imperialism as vice president and president, ran covert and illegal wars in […]

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Is it Cool to #juul ?

There is much debate and controversy surrounding the use of ‘juul’ e-cigarettes. Recently the FDA has been working to restrict the sale of all e-cigarette flavors with the exception of menthol, mint and tobacco flavors. The measure is intended to curtail the use of e-cigarettes, and has also been tied an effort to cut teenage […]

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Campaign Analysis

Objective: My “Finding Your Bae” content will be clicked, retweeted and shared across three social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Imgur during the eight-day period (11/5-11/12) with a 600+ overall millennial reach and engagement rate. Millennials will be measured by the amount of their clicks, retweets and shares during the eight-day week. Imgur Meme:  […]

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Viral Meme Part Two: Analysis

A pre-election prediction… How do ya'll think tonight's gonna go? #electionday #govote — Mac Konrad (@MacMcKonrad) November 6, 2018 GOALS: To get 500 views on Imgur For people on Twitter to see my deep link to imgur and click on it To crack a dark joke about the nature of news regardless of how you […]

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