Un-Friending Facebook

In 2008, my mom allowed me to create a Facebook profile for my twelfth birthday. I remember it being such a big deal because all my friends had them, and I could not wait to start sharing pictures, posting angsty song lyrics as my status, and finally stop updating my AIM away message. That’s what […]

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The Sexual Misconduct Debate

In light of the many sexual misconduct allegations that have surfaced within the past month, I thought it appropriate to find a hashtag that related to one of these events. The hashtag I chose to examine was #Franken, since the breaking news of Al Franken’s sexual harassment allegations has been rather controversial and politically heated. Al […]

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For the past few years the issue of climate change and global warming have been topics of conversation around the country. Many people debating over the severity of the situation and whether or not it was a real concern, something that could directly affect each and every one of them. Twitter and other social media […]

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