NHsmc Influencer Analysis 2018

PART 1: INFLUENCE Analyze your overall follower growth on Twitter from the start to finish of the course. From 1/17 to 4/18 I went from 0 to 11 followers, the is over 100% growth rate. l’m bad at math so hope I it was calculated correctly.    Klout score change: I went from 20 to 25 […]

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Who Pulled the Trigger?

In politics, personal insults are usually dismissed as inappropriate ad hominem attacks. On Twitter, they’re anything but. The #TriggerALiberalIn4Words hashtag, in which users list facts or ideas that they believe will “trigger” a liberal in under four words, took over the Twittersphere for a brief moment of unrestrained mudslinging and angry rebuttals. I disagree with […]

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Summer Came (And Conquered)

This past week I had the chance to experiment with the power of social media. The mission was simple: make a meme go viral. The meme was to be created and shared on Imgur, a platform used to share GIF and meme content. With over 250 million users uploading over 15 million images a day, […]

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Bey at #Coachella: overwhelmingly awesome or simply overrated?

As many know from checking any of their social channels, this past weekend was Coachella. While #Coachella trended on Twitter throughout the weekend, social conversation centered around two performances in particular: the Walmart yodel kid and the highly anticipated performance of Beyonce. While yodel kid’s performance was universally praised, Beyonce’s performance sparked an internet debate. […]

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Viral Content Challenge

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Objective: 10 Retweets and 30 favorites, retweeted by an influential account like @BarstoolCuse or @Dominos








Twitter Ads: 

Twitter Ads engagement and spend


Campaign Analysis: While I reached the Imgur goal of 500+ views, I didn’t get the engagement that I hoped for my tweets. Although my ad helped me get 1,531 impressions, people did not engage with the actual tweet. I think this is because my followers may have gotten sick of me promoting the same tweet because usually my Twitter is full of non-repetitive and culturally/news relevant content. Unfortunately, it wasn’t picked up by the influential accounts that I hoped, especially Domino’s. I think this might have been because I had to include the link to Imgur instead of just the embedded photo of the meme, which make the process of sharing more streamlined. I also think that Domino’s might not want to be politically associated, and my focus on the photo  of Trump and Clinton wasn’t appealing to them. I wonder if I would’ve posted the Imgur link with different hashtags if it would’ve gotten better engagement in the Imgur community, because I think it is relevant to them. Next time, I will create a meme that is more “newsworthy” and relevant to current events.


Final Engagement: 524 views

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