Social Media for a Cause

People are quick to judge and claim that younger generations, such as my own, are extremely disconnected and struggle with human interaction due to technology. Speaking from my own experience, it is safe for me to say that social media has kept me more informed about not only what is going on with my friends […]

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Are we using social media to get closer, or further away from each other?

Social media are bringing people closer together, and allowing us to have better connections than ever before. During the advent of social media, I thought it was something to stay away from since I saw my best friends every day, and this newfangled way of communicating would just unnecessarily complicate our relationships. However, I have […]

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Only one click away

Is social media “Bringing the World Closer Together?” Well, in Mark Zuckerberg’s opinion, Facebook is excelling at its new mission. But, after reviewing what other people have to say, I saw that opinions varied. While social media does create conflicts, I believe that when used correctly, it can bring us closer. In reality, social media […]

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Social Media: The New Bowling Alley

My sophomore year of college, I read about the “decline of American civic society”. The piece by Robert Putnam uses bowling alleys as a metaphor for the ways that American interest in civic associations and community spaces has decreased. Putnam argues the importance of social connectedness and their impacts on communities, and says that it’s nowhere as strong as […]

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