Fact from Fiction: A Facebook Issue

Given the state of Facebook starting from 2016 until now it’s clear there’s an issue with proper dissemination of fact from fiction. Users are pushed news an algorithm determines they’re more likely to click on. “Our innate biases allow [skepticism] to be bypassed, researchers have found — especially when presented with the right kind of […]

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How I Find My Credible Sources

Gone are the days of information being distributed in a controlled manner. What used to be only heard through word of mouth, newspapers and reporters, is now able to be disseminated a matter of seconds with only some buttons and keys. This new advent brings along a massive platform for the spreading of inauthentic news, […]

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Facebook’s World, One World

No matter how massive social media has become over time, we believed for a long time that we all could have the presence we wanted on our social media profiles. We believed for an extended period of time that what we wanted made public and private on our profiles remained this way. However, as we […]

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Gossip Magazines, Wikipedia, Facebook … What’s the Difference?

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In middle school, I learned: 1. How to set up my Facebook account 2. Wikipedia was not a valid or reliable source. Now, the thought of using Wikipedia has vanished and yet the cite that I once used to communicate and connect with friends across the states — is now where we search for important news articles? Something doesn’t seem so right.

The biggest question I have is: when did we abdicate our responsibility for gathering, investigating, and verifying news sources to sites such as Facebook? Growing up with a with a renowned journalist as a mother, a stepfather who was editor in chief of a top magazine, an activist stepmother, and a father involved in local politics, I was taught the only fake news that affected our society came from magazines that I would see online at the grocery store, such as US Weekly or the National Enquirer. But now, years later, the topic of Fake News has taken over my dinner table conversation.


So what should we do? It’s time for us take back our responsibility. Marc Zuckerberg, said in a CNN interview “We need to make it so that trolls can’t spread fake news. We can get in front of this.” But I think, Facebook can make their changes, so can Twitter, so can whoever — but it’s up to the consumers to find the truth. Check the website an article is from. Find out who wrote it, search who it is, and determine whether or not the information and sources are reliable and accurate. When it comes to the generation I’m a part of, we love instant gratification. An article on our newsfeed becomes the quickest way to grab a story. But it’s time we take a step back, become more thorough in our investigations of news stories and opinions.

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Trust the Blue Badge?

Edgar Allen Poe told us “Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear.” When he coined this term it is hard to think he saw a world where images can be altered and people hide their identities behind a computer screen. So, if we are meant to question everything how do […]

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Where do we draw the line? The problems facing Facebook and Twitter in the age of authenticity.

In a recent effort to address potential anti-conservative bias and foreign influence on major social platforms, Facebook and Twitter, the two companies most senior executives were called to a series of hearings in front of a Senate committee. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey appeared to address these concerns and the countermeasures […]

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Do You Believe Everything You Read?

For years, I’ve heard the phrase “you can’t believe everything you read”. Though this phrase originally applied to untrustworthy information in print media, in current times it’s most applicable to information shared via social media. Facebook has been at the forefront of this investigation of the spread of false information, which was put on the […]

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Un-Friending Facebook

In 2008, my mom allowed me to create a Facebook profile for my twelfth birthday. I remember it being such a big deal because all my friends had them, and I could not wait to start sharing pictures, posting angsty song lyrics as my status, and finally stop updating my AIM away message. That’s what […]

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