Un-Friending Facebook

In 2008, my mom allowed me to create a Facebook profile for my twelfth birthday. I remember it being such a big deal because all my friends had them, and I could not wait to start sharing pictures, posting angsty song lyrics as my status, and finally stop updating my AIM away message. That’s what […]

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Unclog the Drain

Facebook occupies a curious slot in the timeline of social media: old enough that younger millenials might not remember a time without it, young enough that many might consider a relatively new phenomenon, and ubiquitous enough that I’d be hard pressed to fully utilize the internet without an account. Gripes, groans, praises and plaudits – […]

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Facebook: Giving People the Power

“Give people the power.” These are the first four words of Facebook’s mission statement. The power to connect with friends, to bring family members closer together, to share uplifting stories; this is what the people’s “power” used to represent. It has been proven that Facebook is now dominated with brands, businesses, news sources and media. […]

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Who’s Job is it To Uncover the Truth: Facebook or it’s Users?

In response to reading an article from a New York Times author Nathan Heller, “The Failure of Facebook Democracy” it is evident that Facebook’s new algorithms are creating some troubling consequences. I was unaware of Facebook’s attempt to generate more “likes” for its consumers by placing them in specific groups with people who share similar […]

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Facebook: Then and Now

I vividly remember making my Facebook account when I was in middle school (seventh grade, to be precise) in 2009. Other kids at school were starting to have Facebook accounts and of course 11 year old me felt left out, so of course I had to make one. I feel like Facebook was much more […]

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Facebook: Friend or Foe?

I think that Facebook has changed exponentially over the few years. When I joined Facebook, it was the one-stop-shop for instant messaging, status updates, pictures, and funny videos to past the time. Poking people on Facebook was a competition and everyone cared about who you were being poked by. These people poke me more than […]

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Social Media for a Cause

People are quick to judge and claim that younger generations, such as my own, are extremely disconnected and struggle with human interaction due to technology. Speaking from my own experience, it is safe for me to say that social media has kept me more informed about not only what is going on with my friends […]

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