Sitting in my Space and Race, Body and Diversity, and Political Theory courses this semester, I found myself constantly filtering my thoughts as a means to find the ‘right’ words. It’s hard, for the same reasons why Socrates response to Thrasymachus and Glycoth on justice and happiness, the Harvard Implicate Biased test, and Rattansi’s “New Racisms?” have […]

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Blog Post 1

If I’m being honest, when I first thought about the affect that social media has had on me, I tend to think negatively. I do think that in a lot of ways, social media has made many people, myself included, more ignorant to our physical environments, antisocial in nature, and grammatically challenged. However, when I think of all […]

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Social Media and Ch-Ch-Changes

“Turn and face the strange” is a line from David Bowie’s  “Changes” and despite the age of the song, it fits perfectly with the changes in myself because of social media. We live in a world that is constantly changing, but no matter the change, people will be upset or scared because we live in […]

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Creative Confidence

I can remember my first AIM screenname, squiggles242. My third grade self thought it was the perfect combination of creative and unique. Shortly after the death of AIM, my Myspace persona emerged. Then I created my Facebook profile, followed by a Twitter handle, an Instagram page, a YouTube channel and a Snapchat account. Just like […]

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Facebook Saved My Friendships

Despite my frequent usage of social media, my trends differ from the norm. I don’t stalk Drake, I never found fame, and I don’t bring myself to start connections virtually. I grew up in an international environment that where excluded politics and social issues from conversation, and where interest-based niche groups didn’t exist. Social media never […]

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How Social Media Has Changed Me

I can definitely say that social media has changed me, particularly in the years leading up to me senior year of college. In these few years, the impact that social media has had on me typically is most apparent in both academic and professional settings. Whether studying what’s happening in the world for a quiz […]

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I Used to Hike

In 6th grade I had 6 friends. If I called their home phones and they couldn’t hang, I’d spend the afternoon in the backwoods of Pennsylvania with mother nature by my side. I was happy. When 7th grade hit I got a Facebook account. Suddenly I had 250 friends and counting! I’d spend hours in my […]

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Why We Use Social Media

Social media has changed life as we know it today. Social media opened up a whole new world of possibilities.  People all over the world use it for countless reasons.  Social media platforms help us connect with not only friends and family, but people all over the world.  No matter how similar, or different two […]

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