Recycle…There’s no exCUSE

Recycling rules can be very confusing as they vary from place to place. Syracuse University students likely want to stay environmentally conscious, but may be under the wrong impression of what they can and cannot recycle at school. Here are the recycling rules and common misconceptions in Onondaga County.    Send article as PDF   

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Where’s that SU Mafia At?

There is no doubt that Syracuse’s Alumni Network (Especially Newhouse’s) is second to none! But how do we find all of these awesome graduates who want to talk to us? LindedIn! That scary networking site that reminds us that we are about to enter adulthood. But fear not, the process so simple you could even do […]

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Bostonians say what?

Ever hear a person from Boston talk and have no idea what they’re saying? Here are some of the things people from Beantown say that others might find a little strange, but we find completely normal.      Send article as PDF   

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