Thirteen Reasons Why is the newest Netflix show to create buzz on social media. The show, based on the novel Thirteen Reasons Why, has an extremely heavy plot that deals with teen suicide. By tackling such a sensitive issue, there’s no wonder it has stirred conversation all over social media. When I searched the hashtag #ThirteenReasonsWhy, […]

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13 Reasons Why has become the most tweeted about Netflix show ever. According to my calculations: ∆ = b² – 4 a c -b± √∆x1,8 = ———— 2a 13 reasons why needs a season 2 — Dory (@Dory) April 17, 2017 Based on a popular young adult novel, the show is about a high school […]

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As Donald Trump has become our next president, there are a range of emotions from not only the American public, but the world surrounding the 2016 election. There are people who do in fact, believe in Trump: Inside the Beltway: 84% of Americans say #DonaldTrump's the man https://t.co/iIdWN2EwY1… #politics #Election2016 pic.twitter.com/h7OUt3prUY — Donald J. Trump […]

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The hashtag #Election2016 has been used in several different ways to highlight different components of the presidential election. Countdown to #election2016! #whyIvote #whyImvoting #gotv pic.twitter.com/aJ7tR7slVz — IGNITE National (@IGNITE_National) November 5, 2016 Above, #Election2016 is used with hashtags like #GOTV to encourage people to vote. "He cannot be our president. Once you divide us, you […]

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Brexit 2.0: The #CalExit

Following the controversial 2016 Election, some citizens of blue California have called for the state to secede from the United States. The hashtag #CalExit has been the foundation of a huge debate on whether the 6th largest economy in the world should try to become their own state or even join Canada. On one side, Californians […]

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And the Winner Is…

In light of political news, People Magazine has named the #SexiestManAlive for 2016. No, it’s not Donald J. Trump (I know, I’m shocked too. He actually won #SexistManAlive) but rather Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  Everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to small town fans could not be happier for The Rock. It's not every day I get […]

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