Influencer: Growth & Analysis

Social media always presented itself as a question mark to me. I never knew how big the platforms actually were until I moved to States and I have been on Twitter and Facebook for about ten years and until then I thought I could say wherever I wanted and use it as a personal diary. […]

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All my Twitter Highlights

When I initially signed up for Twitter I was unaware of the ways I could make an impact using the platform. Com 427 has taught me how to utilize all Twitter has to offer in terms of their analytics tools, the ability to have paid advertising and the promotion of anything you choose to support […]

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Social Influence

Starting out in this course, I was not an avid Twitter user. Over the course of the semester I was able to take all of the strategies and lessons we learned in class and apply them to create a new Twitter focused skillset. Since the beginning of this course my Klout score has risen from […]

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This course is over?

At the beginning of this course, I had 0 followers on Twitter, and now I have 28! and I had a Klout score of 0 and now I have a 24. I realized I gravitate toward tweeting about design, which happens to work quite well honestly. I think I tried a few times to be […]

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