A Give Back Christmas Campaign

This campaign is a part of a bigger project to make a wonderful Christmas to children at Casa Vhida, which is a non-profit organization that takes care of HIV positive children. The meme was really to make fun of myself and to grab attention from my followers and friends on social media so they could […]

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Meme Campaign Analysis

Objective To reach at least 3,000 engagements by the end of the week To have organic and meaningful engagements by influential users Meme Webcard Me, at home asking myself, "why am I like this?" #Memes #dogsoftwitter #NHsmc #shopping #Amazon https://t.co/NUVF0UULjH pic.twitter.com/J9oWzjd5Je — Sarah Wolverton (@Shwolverton) November 13, 2017 Twitter Ad Summary Analysis My meme had […]

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Look Mom, I Went Viral!

Goal My overall goal of my campaign was to bring awareness to my meme. Objectives  My objectives were to break 100 views and push for a maximum of 500 views or more. I also wanted to try and have 25 people engage with my tweet. Meme My created meme can be found here. Twitter Webcard […]

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Viral Content Challenge

The objective of this viral challenge assignment was to create the most traffic and engagement with the following meme: Faker In an attempt to complete this objective, I was able to receive 533 views on imgur. Through this assignment I learned the importance of planning and the significance of having a detailed and well structured […]

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Campaign Analysis

During the marketing planning portion of my viral content challenge, I listed a bunch of objective for myself: At least 35 engagements on my Twitter webcard At least 8 shares of the meme on different social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, but the primary goal is for Twitter (retweet) At least 3 likes […]

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Going Viral: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

Original Objectives Gain at least 10 followers on Twitter Attain over 500 impressions per tweet (total of 2,000 overall impressions) Generate earned media with 20 retweets and/or quote tweets Get 30 likes, 15 shares on Facebook Have at least one social influencer (twitter verified with over 5,000 followers) engagement Imgur Meme Why Are You Like […]

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#NHsmc Viral Content Challenge: Freshman vs. Senior Year

Part 2: Campaign Analysis   Objective The objective of this content campaign was to exceed the expected 500 views on Imgur and to garner 20 retweets and 40 likes on Twitter in addition to that.   Meme Freshman Year vs. Senior Year   Twitter Webcard Tweet https://cards.twitter.com/cards/18ce541xz7x/405tj every senior understands… https://t.co/w0sHOlzRJs — Christy Fox (@christyecf) […]

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Kermit Meme Campaign

Objective For my social media marketing campaign on Kermit the Frog, my main goal was to reach a sizeable audience and find out what it really takes for content to go viral. I further outlined three measureable objectives in my campaign plan: Reach 10 comments on my meme, reach 100 points on my meme, and […]

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Gimme Da Fries Viral Meme Campaign

Campaign Analysis of ‘Gimme Da Fries’ Viral Meme Challenge Objective: The Original Objectives stated in my pre-campaign marketing plan were: 400 Impression on Imgur 450 Impressions on Twitter 35 Engagements on Twitter 5 Retweets on Twitter 25 likes on Twitter 20 Likes on Facebook 5 Shares on Facebook 1 Re-pin on Pinterest 2 likes on […]

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