The Hashtag Revolution

Dear newly elected officials – don’t underestimate the power of a hashtag. It can garner you thousands of supporters in mere seconds. Just ask Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who was recently silenced on the Senate floor while reading aloud a 1986 Coretta Scott King opposition letter to Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions. She took quickly to […]

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Let Hashtags Be Your Best Friends

For Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, the world of social media is not a secretly. Throughout his presidential campaign and even now, he has consistently been active on his social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. As an elected official in 2017, being active and engaged with the online community through […]

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“Strategic discretion is advised”

After the presidential election 2017, the way politicians convey their words has dramatically changed. Unsurprisingly, president Donald Trump is at the front line, leading such a phenomenon. In the past, it has been deemed a social norm for politicians to carefully use or cite certain radical words that could mislead audiences. However, Trump totally broke […]

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Set Examples, Tweet with Caution

It is without doubt that social media played a major role in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. And with the new administration, social media’s presence in our democracy is anything but on the decline. Twitter seems to be one of President Trump’s favorite ways to communicate to the public… whether it be political or publicity. It […]

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Getting real on social media

This is the era in which social media is the becoming the fastest way to receive the news. Past politicians have adapted to the use of social media by using its various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and various other platforms that allow them to have a voice. Many of these politicians used it to mark […]

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Advice to 2017 Elected Officials

Elected officials in 2017 hold a unique responsibility, because social media played a part in their campaigns and continues to influence their interaction with citizens. It is important that they speak in a tasteful manner and understand that no matter what they post, there are going to be people who agree and those that do […]

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