Social Media and Ch-Ch-Changes

“Turn and face the strange” is a line from David Bowie’s  “Changes” and despite the age of the song, it fits perfectly with the changes in myself because of social media. We live in a world that is constantly changing, but no matter the change, people will be upset or scared because we live in […]

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Is this thing on?

I was very skeptical when I first joined social media. With hundreds of different outlets, not only was I overwhelmed, but I struggled to see the appeal; in my mind, they all did the same thing. But I couldn’t be more wrong. The more I learned about the proper Instagram filters and what constituted a […]

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The Grandpa of Millennials

When it comes to social media, I was a late-comer.  I remember in fourth grade talking to friends about this new website, Facebook–about how they were making accounts and it was cool! and fun!  I shrugged it off.  “Stranger danger…no thanks” were my thoughts. Freshman year of high school (2010), I was finally peer pressured […]

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There’s something ironic about live tweeting, and snapchat stories. They’re all about living in the moment and using technology to share those moments with others- but when you really think about it, they’re about being anywhere but where you are. I took a trip across Europe and I realized that because of social media I rarely live in the […]

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Kim Kardashian Goes Topless and it’s Called “Trendy.” I Go Shirtless and it’s Called Creepy

The MTV Video Music Awards are on but I’m not home to watch and Twitter has all the updates from the red carpet. There has been a bombing at the Istanbul international airport and I can’t reach my friend traveling to Turkey but Facebook notified me she is safe. These are just two examples of […]

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Growing Up: One Tweet at a Time

At the humble beginning of the semester I had a whopping 162 followers, each one of which I was quite proud. But now after an entire semester of learning about how to do it right I have 208 followers, which is pretty cool. Most consisted of personal friends and people I know from #InRealLife. But […]

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