Do You Believe Everything You Read?

For years, I’ve heard the phrase “you can’t believe everything you read”. Though this phrase originally applied to untrustworthy information in print media, in current times it’s most applicable to information shared via social media. Facebook has been at the forefront of this investigation of the spread of false information, which was put on the […]

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Social Growth By The Numbers

When tasked with measuring my social influence, I have to admit, I felt a lot of pressure. I began asking myself questions that would never cross my mind offline: What if I didn’t make enough friends? What if my impressionability is low? What if no one is really engaging with me? But as my numbers […]

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One Love

I was lucky enough (some may have other opinions) to grow up in a constantly connected generation. From the time I got my first phone, a Juke embarrassingly enough, social media has played a huge role in my life, specifically because now as a public relations major in college, I need it. However, I didn’t realize […]

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The Magnetic Force That Is Social Media

Older generations quickly jump to conclusions that we (as in millennials) are addicted to social media. "Millennials are addicted to social media because they need gratification" No Susan, I need these dank ass memes — Vibes⭐️ (@lunarcradle) September 11, 2017 If you're reading this…go plug up your phone in the living room! #busted #millennials #addicted […]

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Social Media and Ch-Ch-Changes

“Turn and face the strange” is a line from David Bowie’s  “Changes” and despite the age of the song, it fits perfectly with the changes in myself because of social media. We live in a world that is constantly changing, but no matter the change, people will be upset or scared because we live in […]

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