Take the Lettuce and Leave – Campaign Analysis

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My primary goal of the viral content marketing campaign was to make a creative and original meme that would generate high levels of engagement, with the potential and hope that it would go viral. I marketed and promoted my meme using various social media platforms such as Twitter and Imgur. I set two objectives for myself in my social media marketing plan, hoping that they both would be attainable. I am excited to share that I successfully reached the objectives that I set. I had initially wanted to obtain a total of at least 550 views on Imgur. I exceeded my set goal of 550 views and my final engagement number on Imgur was a total of 662 views! All in all, I was genuinely excited about this final number. I had never created a meme before this assignment and I was initially unsure of how successful my meme would be, which is why I was pleasantly surprised that I had more views than I anticipated.

The second objective I set in my social media marketing plan was to generate high levels of engagement on Twitter. I feel as though I also successfully achieved this objective. My twitter campaign generated a total of 1,546 impressions. I spent a significant amount of time before I launched my campaign researching popular hashtags around the idea of my meme, especially since Halloween had just happened and is still on the brain for many. I believe that the majority of my Twitter engagement can be attributed to the amount of tweets I sent out in conjunction with the hash-tags I chose to use throughout my campaign.

After analyzing the results of the challenge and campaign, I would say that there is not much I wish I had done differently when looking at the final outcome. I personally chose to schedule a few tweets on TweetDeck, sending them out on different days and times, in hopes that I could determine when my engagement was at it’s highest. I think that the decision to use TweetDeck ultimately helped me to make sure I was sending out tweets both periodically and consistently without having to continually remind myself to self promote my meme. I did notice when analyzing my results on Twitter Ads that I received the majority of my engagement in the first two days of my campaign. I tried to space out my tweets so that this would not happen and  am unsure of why I had so much engagement at the beginning of my campaign but not at the end. As suggested by one of my peers in class, I did test out putting the direct link to my meme on Imgur on my personal Snapchat account. I did not think that this was particularly helpful or effective in the promotion of my meme; however, I feel as though I personally benefitted from some social media experience. Prior to my classmate mentioning this feature on Snapchat, I had never used a direct link, so getting some experience with that was definitely exciting and useful to me, just maybe not for the purposes of this content challenge. If there was anything I would change about my viral marketing plan, it would have been to not promote my meme on Snapchat, solely due to the lack of effect and benefit that it had on my campaign.

Overall, even though I did not go viral, I am still extremely happy with the results of my campaign!





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One thought on “Take the Lettuce and Leave – Campaign Analysis

  1. Hannah,
    I love your meme and I think it really could go viral. Unfortunately, the campaign was set one week after Halloween and therefore your meme was a little bit late. I think the chances to go viral with it would have been better a few days before Halloween. Nevertheless, you did a great job with the creation and the marketing plan!

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