The Fake News Epidemic

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Ever since the 2016 election, the fake news epidemic has taken the world by storm. Although Facebook has been aware of their fake news problem for quite sometime, they still fail to rid their site from this false journalism. Fake news is still very prominent on Facebook, and numerous believe it is here to stay. Fake news is dividing the United States of America like never before, as people don’t know what to believe or who to trust anymore. While it easy to blame Facebook, Zuckerberg, the Russians, or even Donald Trump for the fake news epidemic, in order to truly rid the world of Fake news, we must identify the true culprit: Facebook users.

Facebook users have become way to trusting of the content displayed on their Facebook newsfeed. Facebook has become the most powerful news platform in the world, as Facebook has become the main source of current events, news, and information for millions. Fake news is being used as weapon by malicious individuals in order to influence how users perceive the world. Fake news has influenced the way people think, vote, and spend. The only way to stop fake news is for users to stop believing everything they hear or read, and to explore the sources and origination of Facebook content in order to determine if what they are reading is reliable. Fake news has no power if the audience is reasonable and strong, but right now the typical Facebook user is vulnerable. Facebook is not the New York Times, and it’s time people start realizing that.





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