The #SuperBowl of Twitter

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From 2/1/2018 to 2/8/2018, we ran the following boolean search through Sysomos: #SuperBowl AND/OR #superbowl AND NOT (super bowl OR Super Bowl). We looked at a global audience. The Super Bowl is one of the most viewed televised events of the year, therefore we decided it would be interesting to analyze the vast amount of conversation on Twitter in regard to the game, commercials, halftime performance, and overall day.

This graph shows a huge spike in talking about the Super Bowl on the day the game occurred, February 4th. There is a decline in conversation as the week goes on.

Most retweeted tweet: 

This tweet went viral after the Super Bowl and celebration of the Eagles’ win. It made an important connection that pointed out the difference in action by authorities to the protests in Ferguson versus the reaction to celebrating a football game. The tweet created a big conversation in the comment strand that included references to the events that happened in Ferguson and whether the action taken by police in either event was warranted.


Given the fact that the NFL includes only American football teams and the sport was invented in the U.S. explains why the U.S. claims 63.9 percent of the Super Bowl conversation. The football culture can be seen to have reached the country’s neighbors, Mexico and Canada, the next two most engaged countries.  

“Superbowl” and “eagles” were the most used words due to the Eagles Super Bowl win. Some of the words in the cloud (i.e. “car,” “flipped,” “tear gassed,” “gassed,” “police” and “tear”) are in reference to the most retweeted tweet.

“Superbowl” and “eagles” supported the rest of the graph as the two most used words. While the two phrases stemming from “eagles” make sense because of the Eagles’ win, the phrases and words from “superbowl” are a little more random.



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