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These are my top 10 tweets of the semester. Overall, I’m not surprised these were the top ten, because most of them are responses to things happening or I was engaging in an event, hashtag, or with someone. Usually, I include hashtags in important tweets (for example, when doing travel tuesday I will tag it with #TravelTuesday or when doing a throwback post I’ll put #tbt or #ThrowbackThursday). In total, I earned 31.2 thousand impressions and had an average of 2 likes per day. For me, I don’t really need to make my personal twitter something huge, so even having 31 thousand impressions is incredible.

  1. This tweet was made March 24 in response to a chat that Travel+Leisure Magazine was having. My tweet was retweeted by T+L and received 8,256 impressions, although only 0.4% engaged with it. But the exposure got me some new followers, which was nice!

2. This was a tweet I made to Andrew Simple, a musician who (surprisingly) follows me. I actually really enjoy his music and wanted to talk to him! He also retweeted my post and responded to me, which was nice. I received 869 impressions and 42 people engaged with my post.

3. February 17 was the day before a few SU Abroad deadlines, and as a Global Ambassador I wanted to make a #ThrowbackThursday post about where I was a year ago. SUA retweeted me, and after 472 impressions 6.4% of people engaged with my tweet.

4. This was after our Periscope challenge where I live tweeted some of the events. 5.3% of people engaged with this tweet, which is really interesting to me.

5. For Pi Day, I posted a tart I made (which is a better version of a pie). 327 people saw it and 8 people engaged with it.

6. I love doing #TravelTuesday posts, since I really love travel. Because of the hashtag, I think more people saw it (315 people, 8 people engaged).

7. This was something that was surprising to me. My co-EIC of Medusa, Emily, said this to me when I was feeling down so I tweeted it to remember it. She retweeted it, and I believe she has more followers than me, so more people saw it. 314 people saw and 2.9% of people engaged with it.

8. Of COURSE my tweet about Jesse being our fearless team leader would be in my top tweets. I think because I included the #MarchMadness hashtag that it was seen more (by 312 people; engaged with by 8).

9. Very surprised my Ngram tweet made the list, because I don’t remember it being all that noteworthy. It might be because I used 5 hashtags that it was seen more? 234 people saw it and 9 people engaged with it.

10. Finally, my tutorial on how to use emoji on laptops was the 10th best tweet. 280 people saw it and 4 people engaged with it.

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