#Trump Showcases Many Opposing Views

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I have chosen to analyze ten tweets that use the “#trump” hashtag, as I believe they collectively bring to light one of social media’s most important purposes –promoting conversation. First of all, Donald Trump’s campaign for presidency has undoubtedly been continuously prominent in the media for some time now. He is most definitely controversial, and that is why searching hashtags surrounding him will surely reveal conversations or messages. The tweets I have chosen show that there are very opposing sides to the Donald Trump campaign. As shown by the tweets below, some are clearly using social media as a way to grieve and vent about the kinds of things Trump is advocating for, some are using it to support him, and some are using it as a kind of comedic relief.

Trump also has a history of insulting women and minority groups on various occasions. However, it seems that some women that have worked alongside Trump are coming out and saying in a workplace environment, he is extremely pro-women. It just goes to show the kinds of opposing viewpoints there are about Donald Trump, his campaign and what he stands for. Social media and specifically Twitter in this case, are providing a powerful medium for all of these opinions and viewpoints to curate and stand next to one another.








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One thought on “#Trump Showcases Many Opposing Views

  1. I loved that you analyzed this hashtag. I had the same thought process about politics and the upcoming election being highly discussed on social media and Twitter in particularly. In fact, I wrote my blog on the hashtag, #Hillary2016. I find it interesting that people are so openly vocal about their thoughts on the presidential candidates on Twitter. I particularly liked that you used the tweet regarding Trump’s company being found very pro-women! I also liked the tweet that addressed the fact that many supporters don’t even know much about the candidate’s policy proposals.

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