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I was inspired to do this post after our chat about identity within post. After the ladies said taking forever to get ready was a great identity I ran with it. I exaggerated a lot of the post but made it as relatable as possible. Through this I tweeted it out and I encouraged people to tag their friends in order to generate more clicks on my link therefore increasing its potential to go viral.


  • The main objective is to finally make one of my post go viral. I am hoping with the constant promotion of the tweet I can generate some clicks on my link influencing Buzzfeed to endorse my list and make it go viral and generate even more clicks from a wider audience.


The overall goal was to go viral. That didn’t happen with my post, but I was overall happy with my post because I had fun creating it and I got a few responses from people on Twitter and Facebook saying they liked it or they thought it was funny. I think what could have improved it was maybe some video promotion on my twitter. If i would’ve made a funny video maybe it would have generated more link clicks. People usually engage with videos the most on social platforms. Twitter got me a lot of impressions but enough link clinks. I think constantly promoting it maybe 5 times a day instead of once or twice would have made a big difference too.

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