Twitter Growth of @_abigailwells from 1/20-4/20 (90 days)

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Part 1: Influence

January 20, 2017

Followers: 0

Klout: 0

April 20, 2017

Followers: 63 (70% growth)

Klout: 28 (31% growth)


My followers increased much more than I thought they would during this time. I noticed spikes in followers during times when I would tweet content that contained trending hashtags, or successfully engaged with a company or influencer in social media. My Klout score also showed improvement throughout the course. Once I learned more how to be more of an engaging presence on social media, I could curate my tweets to be more influential with media such as photo and video or easily searchable content. Another thing I noticed was the timing of my tweeting did matter. If I tweeted too early in the morning, my posts received less engagement and impressions. Even if I am a morning bird, it is a better idea for social presence to tweet during the late afternoon or evening.


Part 2: Execution






This tweet was one of my most recent. Travel Tuesday was a trending hashtag on that day, so more people were able to view my tweet. The photo was one I had taken abroad, and people seemed to like the picture and want to like it.




This is another example of engaging with a smaller community. I believe targeting a more niche audience creates more impressions because targeting increases the likelihood of that specific audience seeing and engaging with your content.




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