Twitter Influence and Top Tweets

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Part 1

Followers as of 8/29: 26

Followers as of 11/28: 76

Percent of growth: 192%

What worked: I think that tweets that people could relate to garnered the most impressions and engagement overall. Tweets that talked about my day, often talking about school, were relatable to my followers, who are also mainly students. In addition, Tweets with some sort of media on them did well. I believe that additional media on Tweets is engaging and interesting and people are more likely to give it a look or a like because it isn’t just text. Many of my joking and sarcastic tweets were just text and were some of my best performers. Each Tweeted needed at least 1 good engaging thing, whether it was humor, media, or a call to action.

What did not work: Tweets that were just text. Many of my simple plain text tweet did not perform well because they were boring. Every Tweet needs something engaging about it, whether it’s media or humor. My Tweets about school or events were fairly dry and did get too much attention; However, my witty and funny Tweets often did really well even though they were just text.


Part 2

Best tweets:

1. This was my most popular tweet for a few reasons. First, it had the most organic impressions at 477, and 246 promoted impressions. I think it was the most popular because it had media and it told people to do something, which was to click the link and check out my meme. The tweet got 85 clicks on the link and 23 likes. Overall, I think the Tweet had a little bit of everything in terms of text, media, and something engaging.

2. This Tweet was the one using Google Trends. That day, a high profile basketball player committed to play at Syracuse starting next year. I checked how much people were searching him on Google and Tweeted the spike in searches and tagged him and said that it showed how excited everyone was that he picked Syracuse. It got 203 impressions, 34 engagements, and 14 likes. I think the excitement over the player made people interested.

3. This tweet was not for an assignment but I used the #NHsmc hashtag because it was related to school. This was just a witty and sarcastic Tweet about how much work students have but it performed really well. it got 400 impressions, 35 engagements, 21 likes, and 2 retweets (one of the retweets was from @TheTabSyracuse). I think performed well just because it was funny and getting retweeted by @TheTabSyracuse must have gotten it more publicity.

4. This was a scheduled tweet and I had scheduled it for when I knew I was going to be in the airport flying home for a weekend at home. The tweet had 262 impressions, 30 engagements, and 19 likes. I think it did well because it was a nice lighthearted tweet about taking small little break to go home for a weekend and people felt a little excited for me.

5. I Tweeted about this when I had just finished a big project for my Fraternity. It was our 100 year anniversary on campus and every semester someone makes a Chapter Chips, which is basically a newsletter to keep alumni and others up to date on what’s happening at the chapter. Since it was the 100 year edition, it had to be good and I worked very hard so I tweeted about it. It got 510 impressions, 58 engagements, 20 media engagements, 2 retweets, and 16 likes. I think because I shared something I was proud about, other people wanted to show their support by giving it a look, a like, or a share.

6. This Tweet was the one with the Twitter Moment. I titled mine “First 2 Weeks of Junior Year”. It contained a picture of Hall of Languages, Otto The Orange, a highlight video of the football game that week, a poster to the Juice Jam concert, a tribute to Mac Miller, and a fraternity hazing article from the DO. This got 235 impressions, 40 engagements, 23 link clicks, and 13 likes. I think was popular because everyone was excited to be back at school and there were so many fun events and it was fun to look back on the first few weeks.

7. This Tweet was meant to promote a cause and we chose to promote the California Wildfires. We posted a link about how anyone could help. It got 279 impressions, 11 engagements, and 10 likes. I think whenever there’s a national tragedy or event, people are always checking the news about what’s going. People always want to help, but usually feel like they can’t do anything. When you post an article that says anyone can help that can drive more engagement and that’s what we tried to do.

8. This Tweet was about the baseball game to see who would make it into the playoffs. Since it was a big game there were a lot of people talking about it on Twitter. I hopped in the conversation and used the trending hashtag and Tweeted about a controversial call in the game. I got 532 impressions, 17 engagements, and 13 likes. I think hopping into the popular conversation got me a lot of exposure.

9. This was a the Tweet where we needed to interact with someone from the #NewhouseNetwork. I Tweeted at the news host Jeff Glor. I asked him if we’d ever see any good news, or just keep hearing bad things that happen. It got 258 impressions, 18 engagements, and 15 likes. I think it was successful because it was a comedic way to ask a serious question and talk about how there are too many bad things happening in the world.

10. This assignment was to Retweet something and write something with it. At the time, we didn’t know how successful the Syracuse Football Team would be so everyone was super excited. So I Retweeted the football team’s tweet and asked if we were a football school now. It got 245 impressions, 20 engagements, and 15 likes. I think all the excitement around football made people interact with this Tweet.



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