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Blog Post 5 – influencer

When I started the course my twitter account was totally out of use and I had 2 Followers. Today after 4 months I have 23 followers (growth of 21), 1852 tweet impressions, and 78 profile visits.

I think that the main obstacle is that all of my social cycles are not using twitter at all, and this is why my organic promotion is low and it made it harder to gain more followers.

Also, my activity in twitter wasn’t active enough but in most of my posts I was consistent with my topics in this is why most of my new followers are people that I don’t know which related to the issues I twit about.

My Klout score is 20.

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This post was after the SU Syria conference. in this conference, I exposed to Bana Alabed, a young girl from Syria who describes from her eyes the war in Aleppo. I tagged the conference hashtag because I assumed that people who follow the conference will be interested  Bana.

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התרשמויות = impressions

 Here, I tried to influence the youth and create a message that will talk to them. the twit is about our social addicted. I tagged here all the audiences that I thought will relate to that, such as Students, and youth.

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