Unpacking the #Taxmarch: A National Movement

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As this Tuesday, April 18th, is Tax Day, marches broke out across the U.S. today as citizens demanded for President Trump to release his tax returns and install a more fair tax system — one that doesn’t “cut taxes for millionaires, billionaires, and giant corporations on the backs of working Americans,” according to taxmarch.org. From D.C. to Sacramento, over 180 protests have occurred. The hashtag #Taxmarch is documenting the marches on Twitter, ranging from videos of marchers in New York:

To shows of support nationwide. Those in support of the marches argued that the Trump administration should give us more control over what our tax dollars are spent on, such Twitter user Bryan Bennett, who marched in D.C.

Others, like California State Senator Kamala Harris, tweeted a simple message advocating for transparency between the government and its citizens. Additionally, the account “Hillary Warnings” posted a quote from Hillary Clinton noting that it’s a tradition for presidential candidates to release their returns.

However, there was opposition to the #Taxmarch as well. User Amy Mek thought that the marchers probably weren’t tax-paying citizens, and also used “Birther” rhetoric to compare the release of Trump’s tax returns to the debate surrounding Obama’s birth certificate.

And other users believed the march was pointless, such as Darryl Pettit:

Regardless of your stance on #Taxmarch, it’s good to see the American people band together and strongly advocate for what they believe in. Stay tuned on Twitter to see how the movement unfolds!

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