Vienna’s Virality Verdict

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My Objective:

The objective for my Viral Content Challenge project was for my meme to reach my dominant audience (Millennials in the United States) and thus gain virality through relatability. This would be achieved through the use of relevant topics: Rihanna, snapchat, and memes.

My Meme:

Rihanna’s face says it best

My Twitter Webcard:

My Results:

The Results…

My Analysis:
What I found at the end of this campaign was that it is so much harder to effectively achieve virality, despite having relevant topics on popular platforms. I truly thought this challenge would be much easier than it proved to be, which makes me entirely glad that this project was conducted in class. Now I can see that in my future (which hopefully involves working in advertising), it will take a lot more work than it seems to successfully spread content. Additionally, I thought most of my engagements would come from Twitter. In reality, they came from my meme being upvoted on Imgur.
What worked: Imgur promotion, tweet timing, positioning of the meme within the webcard (so some text was showing).
What didn’t work: Twitter! I truly thought I would receive more engagements via Twitter, especially after being promoted. Though this didn’t work for this particular meme, I believe it could be successful for another meme if relatability┬áis increased.
Imgur = 390
Twitter Engagement = 61
Final Engagement Number: 451

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