Viral Challenge Part 2

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Background : My post is about what its like growing up with siblings. I am one of 5 in my family so I thought it would be a great post to give a little bit of me and what is important to me and share that with other people. I also felt that this topic was a relatable topic because many people in our country have siblings. I was able able to find some great pictures and videos of me and my siblings that I can incorporate in my marketing plan.

Objective : To go viral and get promoted on BuzzFeed


Metrics :

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Analysis : What worked for me first was putting my BuzzFeed post up on FaceBook. I think that this worked better for me then Twitter did because I am much more interactive and involved on my FaceBook then I am on my Twitter. I also think that FaceBook was much more successful for me because my siblings and family members are much more active on FaceBook as well and they were sharing my post to reach a wider range of people. The other factor that helped me was when I used the caption “Help me go viral with as many shares and views as possible! #Buzzfeed #NHBuzzfeed #Viral #Siblings”. I think sharing the fact that I was trying to go viral really got my friends and family engaged in sharing and liking my posts. Although I did not go viral, I was very happy with the amount of interaction I got because it was about 400 more viral views that my previous posts.

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