Viral Content Campaign Analysis

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  • 500+ views across platforms
  • 10 shares on Facebook
  • 100+ likes spread out amongst platforms 

Imgur Meme:

470 views via Imgur

Twitter Webcard:

Twitter Ads Engagement and Spend:


Overall, I am very pleased with the final result of my viral marketing campaign. Through out the campaign I was able to figure out what worked and what did not.  I first realized my meme was funny when I sent it in a group chat of friends at Syracuse University. I gather the reason that my meme did not gain even more engagement from the Imgur community is because only people on Syracuse University Campus were able to find it funny which is a narrow audience. On Twitter however I was able to target this audience via geo locations and look alike audiences from accounts like @SyracuseU and @DailyOrange. I also allocated the $5 to one tweet over one day which was exciting because I got many impressions immediately after posting. I also posted the link to my meme on Facebook which lead to a lot of views from friends and family who could relate to the meme. In conclusion, although I did not reach 500 views on Imgur, I view my campaign as a success and I look forward to using these skills in future marketing campaigns.

Final Engagement Number:

470 Imgur views

1528 Twitter impressions

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