Viral Content Challenge

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The objective of this campaign was to get as many people as possible to view an original meme that I created of Lady Gaga, spoofing her role as Ally in the incredibly successful remake of  A Star is Born. 

Ain’t It Hard Keepin’ it so Hardocre?



Using Twitter Ads was somewhat of a challenging experience. I originally just tweeted the link to the imgur post thinking I was going to be able to edit the tweet or change what was getting promoted. I was incorrect obviously. Seeing that I was now paying $5 to promote a tweet that was literally just a link and the class hashtag I frantically tweeted out to my own followers to please just go look at this meme so I can pass this class. It was all in vain. I ended up with 245 views on my meme. Just under half of the goal.

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If I were to do this again with the knowledge I have now, I’m optimistic that it would have been much more successful. My campaign wasn’t very detailed either and If I were to do it again I would have tried to craft a tweet more specific for the audience that would interact with Gaga content. I also just think imgur looks horrible on the Twitter’s interface. If I was ever actually trying to increase engagement with something for a job, I don’t think imgur would be the route I would take.


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