Viral Content Challenge

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Background: When a friend calls instead of texting everyone is always a little thrown off. Our generation is known to text. When you’re on a phone call with someone it can be one sided.  This leads to one person dominating the conversation. My idea behind my tweet is that sometimes you call a friend on the phone, but the conversation becomes about them. It’s not annoying, but instead you realize your friend did a whole monologue about the slightest inconvenience that just happened to them. When you’re on the phone with someone, the time seems to pass so quickly. All of a sudden you see you’ve been talking to this person for thirty minutes. Your inner thought is usually: “what did I just listen to?!” You forget why you even called your friend in the first place.

My goal was to have people share this tweet with friends this included a (retweet, like, quote tweet, reply). I also wanted people to feel that this was relatable content. Another goal was to have my tweet go viral. This would mean having my tweet posted to one of BuzzFeed’s Instagram or Facebook pages.


My objective was to receive over 20 engagements. This could be an combination of a like, a retweet, quote tweet, or a reply.  I also wanted to receive at least 20 impressions. I met my two objectives of over 20 engagements and 20 impressions. My other objective was to generate at least two retweets. I don’t have a big following on twitter, and that is why I didn’t generate any retweets.


I received a total of 144 impressions and 60 total engagements, with 44 detail expands, leading to two clicks on my profile.


I didn’t generate more likes because I have such a low following on twitter. My following isn’t that low, but most of my followers are not active in liking my content on twitter. I wanted the concept of the tweet to be funny, and I think it was. I’m surprised that I generated 144 impressions, and if I were to retweet this, I would have posted different variations of the tweet and saw which worked best. For example, I could have replaced a word to see if one resonated with people more. Overall, I am satisfied with my campaign. It would have been cool if people I didn’t know liked my tweet. It was all my own twitter followers. I think a way to engage more people would have been to include a hashtag. However, the tweet was low richness.  I am satisfied with the amount of impressions and engagements I received!

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