Viral Content Challenge

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I’m marketing this meme to make it aware that this is a clear holiday violation that needs to be addressed. Hopefully my efforts help quell the problem in some capacity and Christmas music can be put on hold until November 25th.
Viral Content:
Spend and Engagements: 
Campaign Analysis:
The first thing I quickly came to realize was how much promotion dollars actually make a difference in tweets. When comparing what went particularly well and what didn’t, I’ll start by discussing the tweets I made that weren’t promoted; they were tweeted directly from twitter with my meme image. In the three times that I tweeted/mentioned the image, I received very little engagement, (one retweet and two favorites). An tweeting without promotion wasn’t the only social media platform that didn’t work well, Facebook lacked engagement too. In the one post made on Facebook including my meme, it received only one share and three likes combined. Contrarily, as I mentioned before the promoted tweet achieved the greatest engagement rate (as expected). While I understand that impressions don’t mean anything more than appearing on someone’s timeline, the $5.00 that I spent produced over 3,000 impressions; which I thought was an impressive considering I would never be able to achieve that much normally with only 40 followers. I even tried to have one of my friends (who’s fairly Twitter famous) retweet my meme after I posted it and it didn’t compare to the stimulation my promoted tweet received.

Final Engagement Number:






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