Viral Content Challenge

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Final Metrics

The tweet ended up receiving 602 impressions, 29 engagements, and 5 favorites. This did exceed my average metrics on Twitter. In the month of November – before that tweet – my posts averaged 9 engagements and 3 likes. Though it didn’t go viral, the viral content challenge was an improvement to my personal viral goals.




Although I didn’t go viral by social media standards, I did exceed my own personal goals and gained more traction with this post than I usually do. I believe this is partly because I started engaging more on Twitter after the post. I followed up with four tweets after the post and those actually performed even better than the post used for this assignment. One tweet received 15 likes and 184 engagements and another had 12 likes and 35 engagements.  This is of note because those tweets could’ve caused a run-off effect, with people coming to my page and looking at previous tweets (like the one I used for the viral content challenge).


There were a few things that failed in my marketing plan that could explain why my tweet didn’t perform that well. First, I received no response from the bigger platforms I dm’d. If they were to retweet or like my tweet, it could’ve performed a bit better. Also – although the intent of my message was well executed – I believe I hoped on a twitter trend that became oversaturated. Twitter exploded with this Ariana Grande meme, and it became difficult to find my specific tweet if you were to search “Ariana Grande” or “Thank u, next” in the Twitter search bar. There was just an overwhelming amount of tweets that mine became hard to find.

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