Viral Content Challenge

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The objective of this viral challenge assignment was to create the most traffic and engagement with the following meme:


In an attempt to complete this objective, I was able to receive 533 views on imgur. Through this assignment I learned the importance of planning and the significance of having a detailed and well structured marketing plan. I think overall that my meme did well but it would have greatly benefited from wider promotion across social platforms.

In learning the importance of planning and cross promotion, I found that posting my meme at later times when students, my target audience, were more likely to be on social media, my meme was better received and gained more engagement in the form of views and comments on imgur. I think this is one area in which my campaign greatly excelled.


One of my greatest struggles with this assignment was promotion on Twitter. Learning the Twitter Ads platform proved to be more challenging than I anticipated and I had to learn on the spot how to adapt to changing media. As you can see from the above photos, I had an issue with being able to submit my Twitter card as a actual tweet. The platform would not allow me to post the card with the cropped version of the meme I intended to promote.

Overall I think that this assignment was a huge learning experience for me and has greatly prepared me to take on real life social media campaigns in the future.

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