Viral Content Challenge: Can We Get Chipotle to go Viral Again?

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For the Viral Content Challenge, I decided to create this meme of my friend in hopes that it would be relatable to college-aged, young people and, as a result, go viral.



After posting my meme on both Imgur and Twitter, I did have to make slight adjustments to my original objectives due to the response I was receiving. Although I wish I could have been better at gaging the impressions I would receive, I was excited about how well my meme did on Imgur.

  • Have reached at least 10 likes by end of campaign
  • Increased followers by at least 10 by end of 11/13
  • More than 150 views in first 2 days
  • Reach over 550 view on Imagur by end of campaign


Twitter Ads & Spending



What worked: Brainstorming and coming up with a new meme definitely ended up working in my favor. Also, I initially was going to post the meme with a caption along the lines of “Chipotle is always worth going a little broke over” but I decided to take a different approach, which seemed to gain more attention and be more relatable. As a result of the Ecoli crisis, many people no longer have the tie they once had with Chipotle. This begs the question if buying Chipotle is even worth having $-10 or negative digits in general in your bank account, and that is exactly what I believe makes my meme something many people can agree with because we have all considered it at least once ourselves.

I also believe that the timing of my tweets worked well because I chose times where I felt most people would be active on Twitter. Usually around 2p.m., people tend to be scrolling through Twitter after lunch either in the middle of class or in their break between classes. Around 6p.m., people are on their way back home and could be scrolling through their timelines as they complete their walks or are sitting on the bus. Additionally, I think that re-tweeting and pinning my tweet to my profile definitely increased my traction on Twitter since there was very little engagement initially. I finished the challenge with 1,736 views on Imgur and 4 retweets and 7 likes on Twitter with 1,240 impressions through Twitter Ads.


What didn’t work: My engagement on Twitter did not work so great, despite it ending well. I thought that I would definitely have a lot more re-tweets and likes for my meme and even more overall engagement through Twitter than Imgur. I believe that if I made some changes to my marketing plan and tried different engagement techniques on both Twitter and Instagram, I could have had an even larger viewership and more engagement. Initially, I wanted to avoid over-tweeting my meme because I did not want it to annoy my followers, but I think a few more tweets here and there (especially in the evening) would have helped my final results. Also, on Imgur I ended with a -4 in down votes, which tells me that although the meme got a lot of views, its content was not as great as it could have been.


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