Viral Content Challenge: Dog Days

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  • I am marketing my meme to try to get it to go viral and get more views to my profile so I can promote myself further.
  • Another reason I am marketing my meme is to possibly prove to future employers or companies that I am capable of creating content that is popular, and that I am capable of planning and creating a strategy to market it.

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Dog Days



Twitter Ads Engagement/Spend:

Twitter Ads Engagement/Spend


This campaign ended up being an intriguing way to understand and discover virality.  Even with promotion and a plethora of posts, it was more difficult than expected to get views on a picture.  Some of the things that worked best for me were the tweets and a Facebook post from a third party (my mom).  While tracking engagements, I felt they increased most after these two displays of my meme.

The thing that didn’t work well for me was the Periscope post.  I felt if I could get some live viewers to check out my Twitter page and click the link or maybe retweet it, it could be beneficial, but it didn’t do much and ultimately only added about ten views.

Finally, I tried to favorite some of the other memes in the class because when I did, they seemed to return the favor and check out mine, which added a few more views.

All things considered, I felt my campaign was run competently, and was fairly successful.

Final Engagement Number: 1337

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