Viral Content Challenge- Report

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The content I posted has to do with the idea that majority of people usually have a couple things they constantly are worrying about in their day to day life. We constantly use phrases that give into the idea that everything is going a lot better than we lead on.

Goals & Objectives:

The main goal of this campaign is to go viral and for BuzzFeed to promote my tweet on one of their platforms. Another goal I have is to receive a great deal of engagement from other Twitter users. The objectives of my campaign are to reach 1,000 impressions, 100 total engagements and 25 likes on my tweet.

Metrics report:

I received 470 total engagement views, 8,293 impressions, 24 retweets, and 96 likes.


What worked the best for me was sharing my tweet on Facebook. I reached a large audience who may not use Twitter as often and would not have seen my tweet otherwise. I put my tweet more directly in front of the eyes of hundreds, if not thousands, of college students on Facebook. What did not work for me was quote tweeting myself, replying to my tweet, or trying to engage with BuzzFeed via Twitter. Overall, promoting my tweet by using other platforms worked very well for me and promoting my tweet by using Twitter was unsuccessful.  I believe that this was the case because it is very easy to just scroll through Twitter mindlessly and not really engage with anything. When I put my tweet on other platforms, people were more interested in it because it was isolated and not surrounded by any other tweets or tweet-like posts. I believe that the way it stood out is what helped my tweet to earn a lot of engagements. 24 people retweeted my tweet. These people are from all different areas and colleges with all different followers, making my tweet be seen by a large number of people and increasing the potential for more people to engage with it.

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