Viral Meme Challenge

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My Viral Meme Challenge


  • Meme should get at least 10 retweets and 20 favorites on Twitter
  • Meme should get at least 100 views on Imgur
  • Get more engagement/impressions on Twitter than past un-promoted Tweets
  • Gain at least 5 more followers


Imgur view count: 745

Twitter WebCard

Twitter Ads Campaign

Twitter Engagement


My target audience was young adults, mostly males in college. My strategy was to use humor as my competitive advantage while pushing tweets that carried sarcasm but were also ironically relatable. My meme definitely got more views on Imgur than I had expected but the twitter engagements were less than I wanted. I did not meet my goal of getting 10 retweets or 20 favorites and I did not gain 10 followers which was disappointing. I think that if I had put more money behind my campaign or pushed out more tweets promoting my Twitter Webcard, I would’ve been able to bring in more engagement.

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One thought on “Viral Meme Challenge

  1. So funny! I think your hashtags definitely helped to promote your Tweet because of the use of relatable buzz words. Spot on with the target audience. Nice job!!

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